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Bug report:

Thrown items go into walls and can not be picked back up (intentional?)

Doctor did not take money when replacing leg with peg leg

Walls look black in ruins (intentional?)

After stunning an enemy they will sometimes follow you while still stunned or while their graphic still shows as them laying down

Upon arrival when escorting an NPC to the Cathedral the quest ends but the quest icon above their 

head remains and you need to speak to them again to complete the quest

When fighting against 2 test subjects in the ARENA I killed 1 and the other was teleported out of the arena (instead of me?) and I was unable to escape

Correction: I was able to leave the Arena by using the Map function (probably not intentional)

I have completed the power plant terminal turning on mission multiple times but 1 time I was unable to find the final terminal, each floor had 2 terminals except for 1 floor - I searched for a very long time and believe it somehow did not spawn/place correctly?

Certain walls (in the prison and elsewhere) did not vanish after being pickaxed though LOS and enemy AI still worked and allowed both NPCs and I to travel through the unseen opening

I have removed the prison anklet by having a doctor swap it and had the gentleman in the basement remove it but I do not believe my stats actually changed? (perhaps I am mistaken)

When fighting the Specter I saw a message with html(?) code visable. Something like:<size=10></size>Stamina leeched by Specter</color>

These are what I found so far - going to explore some more tomorrow.

I was playing a Murderer and am using Windows 8.1.

Let me know if you need additional information - more than happy to help!

Created a new topic Just found Axu - super pumped!

Taking a break from my own game development I stumbled upon Axu... I love it!

DCSS (Dungeon Crawl: Stone Soup) style dungeon crawling meets open world exploration. What's not to love?

I've had some ideas for creating my own game for a few decades now but haven't managed to get anything close to what I'd like - I've experimented with a number of different coding languages and game making engines - exploring GameMaker right  now.

I'm super happy to hear that you're planning for the game to be mod friendly as what you have now is worlds closer to what I've dreamed of making than anything I've managed to do so far.

I'm rubbish at coding (and don't even know Unity *yet*) and my art skills aren't that great but if you need any type of help I do have a /lot/ of free time and a lot of desire to see a game like yours succeed!

I'll go ahead and tell my friends about it so you can expect to see 2, maybe even 3 new downloads! :p

Keep up the great work and thanks for everything you've done so far!

Posted in Known Games

I am working on, and many years from creating, my dream game which takes place in a post-apocalyptic world that was, at one point, a thriving solartech type of futuristic utopia (ugh, not my theme!) sooo - this is a good challenge for me! - I need to spend more time thinking about the backstory of my game world and this is a perfect excuse. My game making experience is minimal still so I am not sure what I will enter but I am currently working on concepts for a character creator/generator.

I love the idea of this and the screens look really great Looking forward to "feeling" the physics of the cab and that world - is this made in Unity? (if you do not mind my asking) I'm a dialup user (sadness) but I will be downloading this when I am somewhere with cell data - keep up the good work, still lots of time left - do you have more planned for it?