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Took me a bit to get a hang of the controls as I'm not use to double handing on the keyboard, I enjoyed it and can see it being bigger. Be cool having mission's in set area's around the world and maybe a boss battle where you have to drop box's that you pick up at the army base on a mothership or just a alien they sent to kill us all and their reason you ask ? We are better at delivery then them.

Thank you <3

Look's good.

Thank you. " somewhat addictive " Is nice to hear, why is that though ? Just wonder to try and make it better in the future as a story mode was in mind but I'm guessing this sounded more interesting and with the small amount of time we had only thing that seemed possible, or I'm just bad at pitching idea's. 

Thank you.

Thank you.

Glad you liked it. "  One thing that I think might've made the game more engaging was to limit my ammo on a gun " well I had the idea of ammo drop's or looting building's but they went for unlimited ammo along with power up's, I hope to one day make updated version as this seems like a arcade style witch is still good.

5 year's later and I agree, so far have no idea how to play and it seems very enjoyable.

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First off no reasoning to remove telling someone "  You retain the full ownership of your creation " the thing that through me for a loop was it being in rule's, at no point should I be telling you what to do. I've always longed for knowledge and believe nothing should be taken at face value that one should always scratch the surface, I one day hope to get a higher education but fancy school's need lot's of money or you need a set IQ or not allowed to join witch is a pity. 

I killed one then I in return got killed yet didn't see where it came from. Could this be game of the year ?

Well thank you and after over looking the technical wording on their page "   5. Remember the licensing. All uploads (inclucode, assets, executables) will be shared and licensed under the Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International Creative Commons " Is worry some and in the law "  CC provides an author flexibility and protects the people who use or redistribute an author's work from concerns of copyright infringement as long as they abide by the conditions that are specified in the license by which the author distributes the work " yet the last part " conditions that are specified in the license by which the author distributes the work  " but if I have to hand over every part of my work/team's work and say Hay don't do this they can in return say I'm allowed to under Creative Commons License.

also " Anything you create will remain your property within the terms of our licensing agreement after the jam is done. " so in that case you don't own your work ? I believe they know how many people don't read the about area let alone rule's. I would never join anything along through's line's, trying to go behind people's back's to say join this thing but your work in the end you actually gave us ownership of because you agreed to a thing you didn't read or understand.

Was not saying you was saying you would do such a thing just sounded weird reading it. Like I told someone after reading it as if the guy across the street walk's into your garden declaring the tomato's you have grown are he's, I got relied to " He can do that " and I said yes he can yet in doing so does not change the fact that they are not he's tomato's.

Now as stated "  You retain the full ownership of your creation " yet you would have no power to say any of us did not.

Is this Among us ?

I could help spitball a story out of fin air and maybe voice it if that's what your planning.

If it ever is able to be played I want to try it <3

Hope it becomes more.

I have no one to play with so I vs myself and my memory is not that good so lost, one may think I won and lost but if you saw my score I surely lost ahah nice game.

Won't let me play it " Error: Couldn't load project data at path ",", is the .pck file missing? If you've renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable's name (without the extension). " Is the message I get when trying to start it.

Won't let me play it " Error: Couldn't load project data at path ",", is the .pck file missing? If you've renamed the executable, the associated .pck file should also be renamed to match the executable's name (without the extension). " Is the message I get when trying to start it.

Quite well for a first game much better then mine and is bit stressful getting a game over having to start it all over again but that is the same way they made them in the past, keep it up.

First game so far in all of this to make me jump [ well the racing game made me jump ] but this is line that follow the maze game but hardcore.

Does not load for me

Does not load for me.

Very detailed good job cat approved 

Got warning's downloading it still did it and when running it " The code execution cannot proceed because was not found. Reinstalling the program may fix this problem " T-T still want to play it.

Thank you for playing the game. " I got the cup and a keycard from the cup " that is the NPC from the AGS program that was in another room & was used to open a thing but since it was not any of my work I deleted it but left the guy in the room for player's to interact with where people will be, very confusing I know but seemed like it would be funny. The theme was all from NPC's with cutscenes so art failed because I was watching how to video's but it didn't work for some reason, should of focused on the art more. But that is my goal to make what I played growing up yet from all this see i'm very far from that.

" And you want ease of use for your players, having to run multiple .exe to play your full game " That was the only way to show each part of the map so far since the code got a error saying no code was typed, also have no idea why it would be giving a warning all depends on the virus protection. Once had it stop me from using youtube and facebook and other site's I used in the past telling me they are untrusted site's. Last but not lest again it's a Prototype for anyone wondering why nothing can be done in the game other then walking, till I find a coder or learn myself it won't become 1 exe or updated. Thank you for playing the game/demo preview.

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Well on the game page I state the reason for the lack of interaction and am sad it didn't get far in the way of a game. "  alpha demo of Hide the Truth - Do to error's & lack of knowledge story & moving to room's etc. was unable to be done so in the only way I know how made 4 " game's " for you to view the level design & walk around but no need to worry you can interact with the AGS default NPC. " But I am going to be working on making it a real demo, right now more of a walking sim. . . But thank you very much for your feedback <3 [ lack of knowledge is me not knowing coding ]

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Guinness world record holder - Me with score of 55. 10/31/2020 time 1:27AM [ now 108 ]

10 out of 10

The music is very nice touch, my first go 20900 second 28100 and when I saw where the timer was learning how to play the game third try 41800. Not sure if I can do better being it was getting faster but by far put's the style of bejeweled on a whole new level, best time playing a game in a long time and will recommend this to as many people as I can.

What about your a mercenary hired with a strange goal sent a box with a bow on it that has a gun that shoot's mask's on people. Within a set time on each level they have to mask the target or who know's what will happen

Game changer

Game changer

Oh ok, thank you for the reply <3

Hi I'm going to be making a texted base game and was planning to only work along being it's my first ever game and don't want to drag anyone down with my failer to be able to make a full game to be able to be played but I've listened to your stuff and a real music maker would probably sound better then me hitting stuff and using my mouth.