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A member registered Mar 15, 2020

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baba is pet

game is good

dam, those are a lot of fixe

ohhhhhh I didn't see it there

what are the minimum requirements?

oh wow, this is really cool

I don't get what I need to do

the music is an absolute banger

great game, I wish to see more of it

when will it be on sidequest

when will it be officiall?

what is the 2D game?

It's wonderful and the only complaint I have is that I would like the flowers the be changeable (in the files) and that the birds would be interactable, but except for that it's the best app that I ever saw

10/10 awesome game

3/5 its a cool game but its really empty


best game

very simple

2/5 i like the concept, but when the enemy walks to a step i was just in, it killed me, which ruined the game for me

2/5 it's really weird, and it's just a rip off of other games

the only thing i liked i this game, is the platypus

4/5 a bit buggy, but still a good game

4/5 very bugy, but apart from that its a really good game