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I've just noticed that nearly all my images pertaining to my 2 game pages are broken (background, header, screen shots etc). I haven't changed anything from the 'Edit page' or theme windows. Can someone please help or elucidate on why this is?

Screenshot via Dropbox

Looks like the 'Add image' button here is also not working either - I just get a broken image link as well when I try to upload a screen shot.

Any help/support would be appreciated.


A wonderful minimalistic game! Ultra smooth controls and animations along with well implemented sound design. Well done! :D 

I'd love to see a compelling story fleshed out for this one - has real potential!

Odd Critter Games is proud to announce the release of HENOSIS™ on a quirky and unique platform puzzler where players are propelled into weird and visceral worlds as they take control of a small, viscous blue blob while overcoming obstacles and enemies throughout each level.

Available for Windows, Mac and Linux as well as an accompanying demo for each OS.

If you're interested in learning more about the technical and creative processes behind the game, you can also check out our article on IndieDB.

Official site:

Feel free to leave a comment or feedback on our game page:

Thanks tenchfroast. 

That's interesting to note about the sound regarding the bomb. Yes, once you plant  the bomb or fire it at an enemy, there should be a generic explosion sound. We'll have a good look through the levels and see if we can replicate the issue you're having. 

Really appreciate the in-depth video review Alanerd! Good to see players giving it a thorough test. I think there are more than a fair share of bugs in this initial demo but the dev team is hard at work amending these.

We'll release another version soon along with patch notes.

Thanks for the feedback GDWC! :) We'll be releasing a major update within the next week, so stay tuned.

Haven't heard of the Game Dev championship but will definitely keep this in mind! 

Thanks so much for the review CoalFire - much appreciated! :)

With all of the feedback we’ve received so far, it is evident that the mechanics need significant improvement which we will be working on over next month. We hope to have an update soon!

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Of course tenchfroast! :) Our demo has now been uploaded directly to

If you run into any issues, let us know.

Critique and feedback is certainly welcome :)