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I've only started recently but am going for a sort of Pikmin-esque duck game with a real simple watercolour-ish style. Haven't built anything other than the look and the little ducklings following you though!


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Oh! Nice find! I've uploaded a new version with that bug fixed (and a similar one - seemed like it was affecting the eraser too) and threw a link to your profile in the patch notes. Let me know if that's okay - and let me know if you find any other bugs or have any feature requests.

Thank you for the feedback! I've just posted an update with an early version of the colour palette system.

You can create a colour palette and save and load palettes from file.

Unfortunately you can't fully setup your color palettes with just a drawing pen as you'll need the keyboard for setting and deleting colours for now but I'll see if I can remove that restriction in future!

AMAZING! That's so cool.

...and you now hold a special place in my heart as you're the first person to use my tool and show me the result. Thanks for sharing!

hey! it's all just hosted on so you should be able to use it directly HERE.

thanks for your interest!

Thank you for the comment! Let me know if there's any particular features you would like - and I'll see if I can add them.

I'm currently adding support for different sized images and more animation frames so that should be available in the near future.

This definitely seems to be abandoned. I've had a bunch of issues with the tool in newer versions of Unity and there's some issues that have been flagged a year ago and haven't been fixed. The source code is also all locked away in a .dll (which is understandable) but it means that you can't even fix any issues yourself.

I loved this tool but can't recommend it in its current state. It's just going to get harder and harder to use as Unity continues to be updated.

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Hey all, not sure if this is allowed as it's not technically a Game or Art but I've been working on a Unity tool to help create fonts in the same style as Doodle Studio 95 drawings.

It's currently not super efficient and a bit limited in scope but will allow you to import a Bitmap Font as a reference and help you go through the process of hand-drawing each of the characters. It doesn't make the actual process of drawing the font any easier (you still need to draw individual frames) - but automates the setup, creation of a Unity Custom Font and the packing of frames into a single spritesheet for you so you can just focus on the drawing.

Here's what the custom inspector looks like:

...and here's the result you get from 3 frames ( excuse my shaky hand drawings ) :


I'll be using this system in some of my future projects so will likely update it a little if there's any major bugs - and I've been considering making a short tutorial on usage if anyone is interested.

The repo is located here: