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Tactician class has 4 Slam cards in his deck, which does amount of damage equal to current defense (double on ++) to both, hero and enemy, and I had similar problem with them like you with Bash for Barbarian.

I sometimes ended up with 6 Slam cards in my hand, because I did not use them at all (or got rid of them with enemy attack 1 when having defense 0) or sometimes I had 6 Upgrade cards or non attack cards when meet Golem (high attack and health).
When you go to your deck, you can remove cards for 10 gold by clicking on them, and thats is what I do first when playing Tactician, I remove that Slam cards.
Additionally, I only put ++ new cards to my deck.
It would be better if system would allow only 2 same cards in your hand, but I know it is roguelite, so it must be random heavy and depend on your deck building, but this is not easy since it costs a lot of gold and time to make it right.
I think that best option would be ability to organize your starting deck before first level of dungeon, and later on current rules.
I mean, you have access to all your class starting cards, and can decide what cards you want in what amount, but being limited to total of 25, and each card could appear 1-4 times (and some better ones 1-2 times).
This would allow to tweak your own play style, improve tactical aspect, and reduce luck aspect.

You are good. Were you able to defeat the heart with tactican class?

Yes, I already used OS mixer, but would prefer to keep in-game sounds except music. There is also problem with music loop - it plays for a short time (less than a minute or something like that) and then there is unexpected gap for few seconds before next play. I did 3-5 runs with Tactican character and reached level 10 with heart boss (yay!), but had no idea how to win with that one to pass further, and yes I had upgraded deck with nice new ++ cards. Traps are things that I was also thinking about - when you found one, then small damage (not sure about mechanics how to prevent this, maybe some skill card to detect 1 trap card). The game started to remind me Runestone Keeper (nice minesweeper roguelite) and by thinking about it, you may consider mechanic to add cards with keys in the dungeon or on random levels. Keys can be used to open the door to the next level or open chest card with random gold or item card (one unlock skill card for rogue). Key could be alone card or appear after one of random enemy card is defeated. There could be also merchant card to buy only 1 of lets say 3 random cards. There is probably also save or auto-save option missing? More variety of enemies (vampire with vampiric drain to regenerate if no armor, and some enemy that attacks health directly with armor penetration) for levels 1-10 (I do not know what is later) would be nice update, since these ones are going to repeat often with each new run. Skill cards that come to my mind are memory card that resets all cards in hand, and duplicate card that duplicates chosen card in hand. Just some ideas that appeared during playing, because I just very like general mechanics of your game.

This gameplay concept is awesome! I also very like this non-colorful graphic style. Is it inspired by some other titles (except Hand of Fate I did not like)? It would be cool to have such basic options like turn off music (not all sounds) and full screen mode. Is it going to have content updates? This game has potential to be sold for a small price and having mobile port. Keep up your great work. I will recommend it to my gaming friends who like roguelikes/dungeon crawlers/card games.