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Thanks for playing! I hadn't heard of coyote timing until you suggested, looks helpful. :)

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Thanks for the feedback. We ran out of time on the art assets so some of them are still block-outs, unfortunately. I would like to finish the environment layout, materials, and VFX after voting is over. I'm glad you liked the overall game!

I'm glad you liked the story! I want to work on more story-based games and little experiences whenever I can. :)

Thanks for letting us know! Glad you liked our game overall. :)

I like the dialogue and story concept, nice work! I did get stuck in the sewers because I couldn't jump high enough, but that should be an easy fix.

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Haha yea the color changing was because of how the lights from the torches interacted with my toon shader. I was too sleepy to fix it last night but I think it's because I made the original version of that shader for Unity's URP but this project was in SRP, which seems to handle additional lights differently. I'm glad you liked the game anyway!

I got stuck in the ceiling and my torso stretched down into the floor and I became a man-tornado. 

I loved your game. You captured different kinds of dreams really well. I especially related to the frustrating cube dream, lol.

Very funny! It was a bit too difficult to get the items, but it was entertaining.

I love the switching between different realities, very creative! I can see a lot of potential for more abilities and puzzles. Great work!

Me too, hmm must be something else. Well I'll look into other factors that could affect performance. Thanks again!

People need to know! Birds aren't real.

Thank you, I'm glad you like it! Sorry it crashed on you, though. Do you mind telling me what OS and browser you're using? It's my first time making a webGL build so I wanna learn how to optimize it for the most players.

Hey! I loved this game. It was very relaxing. The simple graphics were perfect, very nice use of color and lighting to set the mood! I only wish I could have moved a bit faster, though maybe the movement speed was intentional to keep the pace slow. I'd love to play a full game and see where you take the idea. :)

Hello! I'm glad you liked our game! The latte art is a bit imperfect, so you have to draw slowly with the mouse. I'm a bee bit late with my reply, but I hope you had fun! 

Thank you, Brad!  Our team is really happy that we could make everything come together. :)

Thanks for the feedback! We're going to work on making the blocks more user-friendly and clear about where they go and how they're used.

I think the concept can go somewhere cool and be fleshed out. I also like the procedural generation aspect of the game. It would be great to see a "Layers of Fear" type horror game that also had procedural generated parts of the levels. I was a bit confused by the compass though, maybe I'm misunderstanding it but i first tried to follow it and it led me into a wall so i just ignored it. I can see the game being developed into something really unique and interesting if given more time.

The concept is really fun and tense. I do think you could push the tension further by using threatening sounds that get closer as the player tries to complete each action. The use of mislabeling shapes and colors is clever and I think that could be taken even further with more time. You could research and incorporate more ways to trick the player's mind and gut instincts, it would be really challenging and unique! The graphics are really nice and refined for a game jam game. The atmosphere is effective so I felt like I was in an isolated cabin. Adding more animations for the buttons and levers to give the player more solid feedback when interacting will really push the game's feel and responsiveness. Overall, it's a great game from a jam, really solid concept!