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works fine for me thanks <3

Same ubuntu 20.04

Hey! First of all thanks for this awesome font type, it is amazing! Secondly, i just want to ask that i have got this font with the bundle but can i use this in my commercial project or do i have to pay extra to use in my commercial projects ? Maybe you add a licence file to zip to be more clear. If you answer I appreciate it <3.

Here is my favorite entry! Mood and graphics are amazing and gameplay is really smooth and enjoyable! Amazing work man congrats!

Thanks for that kind words!

Technically impressive! I would really want to see the source code behind this cool project! Great!

Hey Frank! I find all of your works cool and impressive! What can i say very well job! And thanks for the source code!

You are crazy man :D!  Congrats!

Hey @dhmstark! You are completely right mobs have really silly AI but this is what can i do in 2kb :/. Anyway thanks for the feedback!

Hey @bean born! Thanks for the feedback!

Hey lup! What a cool job dude! Visual style and mood is impressive! I really enjoyed that and thanks for the source code i will try to look at that in my some spare time! Congrats!

I really loved the graphics style and this perfectly fits the theme! Cool job!

Idea is super cool and actually this is a really good way to practice the binary  numbers :D. Congrats!

Thanks for playing my game and your kind feedback <3 !

Hey lup! I really love neon colors and simple pixel graphics so i wanted to apply this on my little jam game. I am really glad to hear that you love it. Thanks for playing and your kind comment <3 !

Hey andrea thanks for playing and for your kind feedback! <3 (Actually levels are not endless but it doesnt matter :D) 

Wow! Amazing work for 2k limitation! Congrats!