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That is what keeps the players engaged :)

Levels 1-3 are intuitive:

- level 1 - cannot mistake the solution. Teaches you the core game.
- level 2 - showcases water. Teaches you that you cannot get far enough and you cannot solve it without the water bottle. It is not hard to tell that there is a new element and you would probably need it to finish the level.
- level 3 - the solution is pretty much guided through the water bottles visually.
- level 4 - camera changes, element of surprise. There is only one major junction that has 2/3 correct solutions. As long as you don't go down directly. Also teaches you that you cannot cross your plant later.
- level 5 - Is a maze. Quite frankly it is meant to be more confusing but also has 2 correct solutions which are not that hard to guess. Going right will lead you to a straight path up which you will continue to the left because by the time you reach the water bottle you will only have lives to reach the left one and close off the upper path. Going left you will only have lives to take the water bottle which leads you right and the only close one is the one on top which will also lead you to a window.

Great game. 

The sound startled me as it started a second after the game and I didn't expect it to be so loud.

I only had a few hours for the duration of the jam so I had to scope low. It is pretty much the core mechanic and polish. I had ideas for other gameplay elements but I am also pretty accurate on estimation so I left it as is with just a few showcase levels. Except that nobody wants to waste his time on only one game in a jam where there are plenty.

If the game is easily completable in a few minutes then it's great for the jam.

You can't miss the small fish. There is always only one fish that is smaller than you and when you eat it a new one will spawn. All other fish are bigger than what you will be and also bigger than what you will become if you eat the small fish. I may add some additional visual cues for the fish that are bigger but I actually loved this about the OG because there you also didn't know exactly when you are big enough to eat the bigger fish.

Yeah I saw about the spawning on the edge I will take that into account.

Yeah, and sometimes they are under big fish which I should fix.

Very nice game. I like it :)

My submission for the vertex game jam. Hope you guys like it :)

The game is about eating smaller fish to get bigger.


Check out my cool game jugle blocks. It is just a prototype for now.

To score you need to combine two or more of the same numbers.

Thanks :)

Very nice game. I really liked it.