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Hristo Stamenov

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You can't miss the small fish. There is always only one fish that is smaller than you and when you eat it a new one will spawn. All other fish are bigger than what you will be and also bigger than what you will become if you eat the small fish. I may add some additional visual cues for the fish that are bigger but I actually loved this about the OG because there you also didn't know exactly when you are big enough to eat the bigger fish.

Yeah I saw about the spawning on the edge I will take that into account.

Yeah, and sometimes they are under big fish which I should fix.

Very nice game. I like it :)

Very cool game. Nice entry, On the second level in the kitchen there seems to be a bug where you can push over furniture out of the walls. You may want to add some visual cues for when things are hostile and when you can eat things.

My submission for the vertex game jam. Hope you guys like it :)

The game is about eating smaller fish to get bigger.


Check out my cool game jugle blocks. It is just a prototype for now.

To score you need to combine two or more of the same numbers.

Thanks :)

Very nice game. I really liked it.