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COOL CONCEPT!!! i wanna see this game evolve & grow..

woohoo!!!!!! yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

soooo true bestie

thank you!! i wouldve implemented controller support but i was running out of time, this is something ill definetly add in a post-jam version if i ever make one

thank you! glad you enjoyed it

no, only the lighting is affected. its really glitchy and often its unclear if ive reached the exit or another dead end. i might record a video of it if i can

thank you! i didnt know if the music fit or not, considering i made it in a rush and i really didnt want to use royalty free music im aware of the difficulty issues in some spots, and some precise spots were actually caused by your graphics settings - theres one spot thats actually entirely impossible unless your graphic settings arent on max and i never noticed it during testing

thank you!!

tried it, and thank you

thank you!

glad you enjoyed it! :)

im not sure if the linux build is broken or not? the screenshots looks entirely different from what the game is in the linux build so im assuming it is

doesnt run for me

nice idea and fun gameplay

fantastic graphics but the gameplay is confusing

it lags a lot on my machine, but still a great game

confusing, but still neat

this is definetly a game that stood out amongst the rest of the games! enjoyed it a lot, has some very neat mechanics, the art style while simple is great and the gameplay is fun aswell

not very related to the theme but still a nice game

really nice art but the gameplay is lacking

gets boring pretty quickly and is confusing, but has got some nice visuals

lags too much (at least on my machine), unplayable

not much gameplay, but very neat artstyle. a bit confusing at first though

try out mine if you can

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Is it really ubuntu only or is it other distros too?

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Ive tried running an alpha ver on wine but i never got it to work (keypresses unresponsive, constant crashes, etc) and theres probably no way to fix it as its most likely the engine's issue, Im assuming. However, does GM support Linux releases? I would love if one was included in the release, and will glad to preorder the game if its planned.

linux when

can we please get a linux build? i'd love to play this game but wine runs it at a HORRIBLE framerate (1-3fps) so i can't.