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Well spotted. This is actually because I threw together that one at the last minute specifically for the museum and I had already written the blurb for the warp drive one before hand. Will make a note to fix that when I can get around to it.

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Re-reading the page now it makes a lot more sense. Last night when trying to submit an entry I was very tired and easily confused and my brain lit up in panic when I saw the words "must [...] have been made in Unity". It probably would have been more clear to me what was being said if I had read the jam page more carefully in the first place. Sorry for making a fuss and thank you very much for extending the deadline as I had gone to bed without making the submission before seeing your response!

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Clicked the "Submit your project" button and suddenly it says "your game/entry must; - have been made in Unity."

Unpleasant surprise considering I spent a good few evenings making something in PICO-8 instead.


I don't have any screenshots but I ran into a couple of collision issues in and in the area before Carna's office. The one in the office is I was able to walk on top of (I think) the bottom right corner of the desk. The one outside was I was able to walk into the sprites for that one pipe sticking out of the wall.

Great demo really looking forward to the full game!

he goes fast