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A nice little story. A little disappointed that there didn't seem to be any meaningful choices having played through twice, but at least there is some illusion of choice if you play just once. The style and music is nice and works together.

The writing in this game had me in stitches! Maybe not for all the intended reasons but at being warned that my character is "overpissed" I just lost it.
I finally found one NPC who didn't care about my stats and I was actually able to talk to. I stood there having the same conversation with her while I starved and pissed myself until I had relationship score 102/100 only to find the button to make friends or flirt do nothing!

An interesting writing style, very poetic. A very comprehensive set of menus by jam standards, nice to see accessibility features. Should add more of that stuff to things myself really...

Other commenter had it right. Generally good to err on the side of letting people complete a game fairly easily in a game jam. There's also a reason why there aren't many well regarded first person platformers out there, it takes a lot to make them enjoyable. Might have gone further but I had to alt+f4 before the music drove me insane.

Needs a self-righting system.

Don't usually see a TTRPG in these! Not managed to try it, but I'm really up for the idea of mechanics for social encounters. If I were you, I'd focus the game more on your deck of tricks and have it entirely about deceiving and manipulating your way around monsters like a bunch of terrifying naughty kids. Not quite sure how it addresses the theme, but good on you for putting this out.

I tested it up to 200. Haven't seen anyone get more than that.
It should be possible... but as Beck said, it's not really expected, it's not required for the message to get across.

Ambitious to make a multiplayer game for a jam, and with destructible terrain no less! An impressive effort to get all that working. I do fail to see how it really addresses the theme, but you've got a pretty solid base for a 2D shooter here. It really just needs something to make it stand out a bit more thematically or mechanically.

Really nice art and animation, jump and movement feels good, and well done narrative element. The mechanics were quite buggy for me, the up arrow sprout-wall-attack thing kind of glitched out when using it in front of enemies, preventing my movement until I dropped sproutling. Also, the game didn't reset my health when the level restarted, not sure how exactly you're doing the restart but should be a fairly easy fix to make sure values get re-set. Could use a few more versions of the footstep sound effect, and the music, while nice, doesn't quite loop properly. Good job getting it to run in WebGL, it hardly ever works for me! Get those mechanics polished up and it could be a really nice narrative side scroller!

Interesting concept, nicely brought together with simple but effective art and music, and some thoughtful level design. I feel like you could level up this concept into a really interesting platformer/golf game if you wanted, always good to see. 

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Nice concept for a kind of mobile time-killer game. I'm not really any good at this kind of game, but I personally think that it would be more enjoyable to control it with the mouse instead of the keyboard. Could potentially do some interesting things with this solid base.

Very impressive amount of content for a game jam, the narrative really elevates the fairly simple mechanics. I could see that maybe some of the beavers were going to do more and be interacted with in the dam but that didn't get done in time? I also thought that the enemies seemed very difficult at the start, I got killed repeatedly without seeming to have any way to win many times before I came across enough things I could beat to level up or gather resources for stronger companions, which really slowed down the early game progression but on the other hand made it feel rewarding when I could finally beat enemies that stomped me before. I also noticed some bugs, once when I got stunned the game got stuck and I had to reload the save, which for some reason removed Dr. Apricot from my dam. I also got a bug where the furthest dam room disappeared but I was still able to move there and the construction sprite got put over the room before it. I nevertheless enjoyed exploring your little funky world with it's odd characters, good music, and interesting new abilities to discover.

I've been considering this but I'm not sure it encourages the kind of play that the game is intended for. The point is that you should find the items to make the survival easier, if you could endlessly dodge dance then that would take away from the focus on the theme. However, I do think that a mobility based item would be a good addition for after the jam ends (adding it now would count as more than polish methinks).

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A dodge roll eh?

Thanks for playing, might have a tinker with that idea...

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A timer is on the list of things to add!

Luckily, the polished version is coming along nicely! What would make the objective clearer? Would it be a clear instruction to find the escape ship when it arrives? Or is it too difficult to find and needs a UI arrow or similar?

Thanks for playing!

Hmm, not the first to not find the ship. Perhaps I need to add an arrow to the UI...

Ah, so it's just a more powerful attack that has a cool down?

If the guard didn't catch you, perhaps you ran into a camera? I know I didn't get time to explain the game fully at the start of it. The red lights are where the cameras can see.

Thanks for the explanation. It's a tough one, here's so much I'd have liked to do for ours to explain the game to new players but I ended up having to focus on just getting core gameplay mechanics working towards the end which was not ideal.

Very nice looking, cool concept for a character's abilities. Seems to load a third level after completing the second then just loads the second again? There's also an odd blurriness to the character when he runs that hurts my eyes a bit. Also found I was able to walk through walls. Good effort, potential here.

Ow my ears!
Aside from the very loud team splash at the start, a very nice little RPG ish thing. Not quite sure what the meaningful choice is between attack 1 and attack 2 in most cases but there's some good tension in making sure you aren't too greedy and can get to the end in time. All presented with some nice pixel art and animation. Good job!

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Really neat idea to have a dreamcatcher as a tower defence, and a pretty interesting take on a tower defence at that. Could really get into optimising how to play this in time with the basic but flexible set of tools at the player's disposal. Could use some visual indication of upgrades done to towers just to aid keeping track of what's in play. I wonder how many others will discover that clicking on the totem pole faces in the menu makes noises... Stellar job, well done.

Well that was something.
Pretty competent third person platformer with your classic PlayStation kids game sort of feel to it.
Nicely challenging level design, cohesive aesthetic and sounds, controls simple but tight. Just a well executed little game about a dashing banana. Good stuff.

Well that was terrifying. I think I've had a dream like this once.
Aside from almost everything being janky an weird as is not unexpected with jam games, it was pretty well executed within limitations which is all that could be asked for. Most annoying thing is really the delay on throwing cat plush thing, it's just too long. Seems to have a good amount of content to it though, with checkpoints at nice intervals and interesting uses of the mechanics, as well as fun ways to cheese past things ;). Not sure exactly how much content because I got past what I think was the second "boss room" (where the music changed), threw cat plush thing through the giant cat-flap and pressed q, which completely stuck the game for some reason and I had to Alt+4. 
Nice work here.

I have no idea what's going on please help me. What do the cards do?
I spot the sneaky use of the UE4 default character material on a block lol. The thing defeating this game for me is that there is just no feedback at all, I can hardly even experiment because I don't really know when I'm doing anything effective or not. You've got some good assets and an idea here I just wish I could figure out how to actually play it...

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Super slick presentation, even has an epilepsy warning like a responsible developer, cool music an menu changing colour with the beat drops...
Infamously one of the hardest genres to get right. And... it's functional. The wall riding works but feels quite slippery, the levels are pretty decent. I felt the lack of mouse sensitivity options. The camera goes all shuddery when you move at odd angles which is a bit disorienting. The gunplay is a bit weird, it seems to behave as a hitscan versus the turrets but as a projectile versus the walls? The turrets were a strange choice as you could either try to tactical shooter them around a corner, or snipe them from miles away with the gun's far superior range, which seems at odds with the game's intended gameplay. Perhaps it would be better to not have the gun at all and focus on dodging them instead? 
I was going to give up and decide it had stopped being fun, but then, what's this? A grapple gun? It can grapple off all the walls?
And thus I proceeded to ignore all your level design and play Neo-Swinger.
Best sense of accomplishment so far.

Excellent job you lot.

Splendid effort with making a multi-genre game which isn't easy. The weakest point was the platforming movement which had me feeling I was fighting the controls because the jump was too fast and the sliding to the movement was very irritating. I was not expecting a tower defence but there we go. I had fun bullying anime boys until you curveballed me with being thrown out an airlock curse you! Luckily I still had time to teach blue boy poetry and drag him along.
Well done.

Not sure what's going on but I became a cannibalistic snek and felt very relaxed while doing it.

I wasn't sure whether the guard needed a light coming out of his face like the cameras. There's different pluses and minuses to visually indicating vision cones, I felt like it was necessary for the static cameras but I thought it made more sense to have the guard be more ambiguous to seem at least somewhat human. I would really have liked to have time to give proper indications to the player of what you can do but I ended up having to focus on getting other core features working. Thanks for the feedback!

Not much of it seemed to work but I eventually managed to turn into a ball and escape the starting room. However none of the abilities promised by the controls seemed to work or the inputs just didn't respond at all. I suspect you might have been undone by Unity's janky and awkward WebGL publishing that has messed me up before. The stuff in the screenshots looks cool and your models and character designs are fun looking so I'd love to play a more functional version! Perhaps they'll let you add a downloadable file? A shame since you've clearly done the work. 

Cool concept, an enjoyable if sad little narrative. Ruined by the fact it said he never watered the plants so they died despite me watering them EVERY DAY NO MY PLANTY BOIS! Didn't get any sound if there was supposed to be? Pretty polished overall though with good art style, nice and consistent, low fidelity but still detailed. Good work!

Models are incredible, as we in the discord were all well aware of beforehand ;). Managed 11 days, it seems like you can be completely stable unless you open the demon chest because the boss seemed completely unkillable and lost barely any HP despite being shot at by a huge army, but maybe I'm just bad. It's a bit clunky to select your boys and buildings as the selection hitbox is not the full base as you'd expect it to be. It also got very annoying that the workers can only hand in stuff at one specific point on the outside of the sanctum that I unfortunately mostly blocked off with my inn that I could then not remove... Game could also use a way to quit other than Alt+F4, XD. However I had good fun creating a desperate gunline and waddling my brightly painted knights through the forests (the painting of the army is a brilliant feature). not sure if there was supposed to be sound but it didn't work? A few sounds and particles would really complete it. Give me more toy soldiers pls. Good job!

Nice bosses with just enough different and just enough the same so that you can transfer learned logic between them but they each have distinct character. Sometimes it felt like the inputs were not so crisp, like the wait time between shooting the bow's charge shot and being able to start the next one, and choosing between red purple and yellow orbs isn't really a meaningful choice when you have no information... It did accomplish the core of the genre and present a nice challenge that I had fun learning and beating in not too much time. Cool pixel art too. Good stuff.

As have many others...
I have heard the screams and changed the shape of the beam such that this should no longer happen 'xD

I see what you mean. It is working correctly. The point of the game is that it's a simulator of being stuck inside with nothing to do. This was intended to be a possibly relatable interpretation of the theme. So you got it and then second guessed it, but there really isn't anything more to it. 

Unless we come back to it perhaps.

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Admittedly that there's nothing really to do is not much of a punchline, but it was hard enough getting that to work for me and my noob C# skills xD.

Sorry about the web version, apparently something in the default settings of unity messes up the WebGL build that I now know we should change.