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That looks nice! I never played but I’ll look into it! Is this in any particular section of the game?

not really tbh, there are a few challenges that can only exist within this “system”.

spikes on top of a wall would never be an issue if your movements weren’t tie to the beat, and this also imposes a “rhythm” (ironically) to the game (:

Great game! I loved the twist of adding/removing walkable tiles from the box-pushing puzzles! It’s a really nice mechanic, congrats!

Awww thanks for reaching out! That’s so heart-warming!

Thanks for the video (:

bruno é foda vei

I wouldn’t worry about it tbh, it’s just something itch suggests, it also helps to tune game’s recommendations from users you follow (:

(iirc you can disable it on your profile privacy settings)

I wasn’t following you, lol

Okay, now I am (: Heyo!

Oh, thanks for playing it Pete (:

what if I tell you that it's possible to beat the level 15 without stopping? (:

rest in peace
an unusual short game about permadeath

The bullshot will be evaluated based on the similarity to the final submission, and the mockup quality. The entry with the highest overall evaluation will have one lifetime access Aseprite key for both and Steam. 

• One one submission per team

• The person that submits the entry must be a participant of the jam on and must be part of the game submitted as author.

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Such an interesting game!

It was great to play it completely, each detail of the game-breaking walls using a child perspective. I don't want to spoil too much, but I recommend it. An unorthodox approach to a platformer.

Thanks for providing this experience (:

thank you andy (:

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You're more than welcome!
I'd love your opinion on the upcoming games as well! Please keep in touch (:

Yay! Thank you (:

Thank YOU for your time (:

Great! Good luck with your channel (:

That's awesome, I'm glad you enjoyed!

I'm sure they love you as well! ♥

Yay ((:

Thank you very much!! (:

I'm glad you liked it! Thanks for the video (:

I'm glad you had a nice experience! (:

You rock!

Wow, I don’t know what to say!
To say thank you is not enough, but thank you for the feedback (:

The soundtrack likes you as well! <3

Yay, I'm glad you enjoyed it! (:

Thanks a bunch

I don’t know what to say! I'm glad you liked it!

Thank you!

Hello there, send me an email and we can talk about it (:

Stop, YOU are so cool (:

Thanks for giving feedback, that is really appreciated (:


i'd say a little bit? i played it by the end of development stage

oh stop it, you are perfect

wow, thank you!