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Hello there, send me an email and we can talk about it (:

Stop, YOU are so cool (:

Thanks for giving feedback, that is really appreciated (:


i'd say a little bit? i played it by the end of development stage

oh stop it, you are perfect

wow, thank you!

you're amazing, thank you


good job! ♥

Thank you (:

Spoiler alert! Haha, thank you for playing (:

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of course,

I'll zip it twice just to make sure

Thank you!! (:

I'm glad you have enjoyed it

Hi there! You can just hold alt right after launching the game and you will be prompted with a setup window (:

Nice video! thanks!

And yes, haha, I think a facecam would definitely better for games like this one (:

yay! \o

Thank you! :P

Thank you! :P

Thanks for the video!

I love how you played by paying attention to every detail of the game! :P

Great video!

Check out his video! o/

It amazed me how people actually play this game, since I created this thinking in a different game style, and I'm glad it worked, haha! As the gameplay is very short, I chose not to put checkpoints on it.

Thanks for the feedback!

Awesome play! You did pretty good actually (:

Sou sim!

Oh, you got an issue from the Itch App. Try to download it from the website or get in touch with itch support. I don't know how to help you with this problem. I'm sorry :(