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A great collection of vaguely retro-sounding loops. Each track gives you a quick glimpse of what the game would be if it were real. Much like the source material, the whole collection feels steeped in mystery and really evokes the feeling of picking up a weird bootleg cartridge from a bargain bin.


thanks for playing! i'm currently working on an update that will improve a few things, one being an indicator which stem is currently selected to be swapped.

thanks for playing!! 🐭🌸

Love the graphics, definitely feels like a computer game from the mid 90s!

Awesome game with a unique gear changing concept!

Nice Bomberman clone :) great graphics and music too.

Never seen Twin Peaks before, so I don't really get the reference. But the game was fun and the arrows matched up well to the tempo of the song. Nice rhythm game!

Neat game, definitely captured the bootleg feel. Nice work!

This game was great! Loved the CRT look and the art. I loved how the sound was so low quality. It looks like in the screenshot you could do special moves, but I couldn't figure out how to do any. Overall, I was really impressed by this one!

Wow, the graphics and feel for this game are outstanding. This ran super slowly on my computer though, not sure why. I didn't really understand what all the controls were or how to play. It seems like one player is always in front, so how does he shoot the other player? An explanation of how to play beforehand would have been nice. But the graphics and audio are top notch. Great work!

Great game! The squeak sound effects when you went forward really made this game funny and a nice race.

The music is excellent! I like the overall feel of this game and the controls are pretty solid.

Can't get past the title screen. I am pressing enter and space and they make a gun firing/explosion sound, but I can't get to the actual gameplay.

Neat Tron-like game. The eyeball movement is pretty good!

Cool idea! I didn't realize the first time that I played that there was only 1 shot per player. But a nice take on the theme!

Not bad! I would have liked a little countdown at the beginning of the match rather than jumping into it straight away. The game closes itself pretty quickly with less than a second to read who won the match. This screen could have stayed a little longer before closing.

Nice concept! Wish there was some sort of sound effect to let me know when I hit the target.

Nice Burger Time gameplay :

This game was a pretty interesting take on the theme! I liked the ability of recording a pattern for your opponent to play. Interesting choice of characters and music.

I feel like I just played a game on a calculator! lol. It was enjoyable.

Nice concept, I love the Katamari series! Beautiful singing. I would have liked to see some goofy sound effects when picking up stuff. Good work!

Had a lot of fun with this. The whole concept seemed like good goofy fun. My only complaint was that the solider sprite seemed to blend into the background a little bit.

I really liked the concept of a versus "infinite" jumper where you attack each other. It was very fun and very chaotic! The score and timer are getting cropped at the top of the screen.

Love the goofy sound effects and the overall feel of the game. It does a nice job of teaching you how to play right before if you had no idea (the intro - eating the dots, not the poop). Goofy fun that is really short and easy to play. Nice job!

I think that the fire comes out too fast. The game will be over before the players have a chance to figure out what they're doing. Also, if both of the players are on the same level when the floor sets on fire, Player 1 automatically wins when it should be a tie.

The flight felt super smooth. Overall, a really good execution!

Typical Falcon matchup

Loved the graphics and music! The concept was a little confusing at first.

I enjoyed it, but I was really confused about the controls. Is charging up supposed to let you be able to shoot forever? Is pressing down while inflated supposed to double your character? Overall, it was pretty fun and chaotic.

Definitely gave me a bootleg feel! It seems like spamming the attack button as fast as you can would be the optimal strategy. It is difficult to jump over the opponent's attacks. So basically whoever shoots first could easily win it.

Neat Bomberman clone :)

A lot of fun. The amount of polish was great! I liked how you could only reach so far on the other player's side.

This was really nice. Simple, easy to understand concept that is executed well :)

The graphics/style for this is incredible. I thought that the ability to explode the ref was a nice touch! I agree with the other feedback that the two players start too close together and are always locked onto each other.

This game was definitely crazy. I liked the aesthetic of crazy visuals when you died. Gameplay was pretty confusing and was pretty frustrating trying to dodge enemy fire.

I liked this one a lot! The TV static/VHS effect was a nice touch. I really enjoyed the quirky music and the sound effects.

Wasn't able to start the game. I tried pressing Space and Enter, but it seemed unresponsive.

I had fun with this one! The controls were kind of crazy, but the art and sound was great!

Nice :) The game continues when it says it's a draw. It only quits when someone actually wins.

Loved it! Pure craziness controlling all those climberers.