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Hi! The number of community copies available is based on the number of purchases, and I usually wait until I have a round number so it's easier to track. But I can update a little earlier than usual!

How are we feeling about the amount of time left to finish and submit your games for the jam? Is a week enough time to get things done along with any end of the year plans you may have, or should we extend the deadline a couple of weeks into the new year?

Oooh, "ryu" and "mojo" are both words that got randomly assembled by the grid, so I'll ask that they be added to the generator!

Not a stupid question! This jam is for physical games like tabletop role playing games and live action role play, rather than video games.

Share the first three words you found from the grid! 

Since I created the word list that the grid was generated from, I went hunting for words that I didn't already know were on there but ended up on the grid by chance, and got:

  • HAND
  • TIE

Cool, thanks!

Is it okay to submit games that have been previously published before this jam started, or do they have to be brand new games?

Having learned of the jam this late, I'm not sure I have enough time to pull together something new--though I'd like to if I can! But I do have a game already out that sprang immediately to mind when I read the prompt.

I'm in! Please feel free to include mine.