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triggers are real issues for people who have epilepsy, ptsd, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, etc. it's a real medical term. just because you don't suffer from a condition doesn't mean other people don't. miss the time when being a "snowflake" was called being "considerate."

i know why, it's cuz you're judgemental :/

What a beautiful game! There's so much detail in the pixel art and I just love the cyberpunk/neon aesthetic! I can't express just how much I love the art. The story looks interesting so far and the puzzles are fun. I really like doing the investigation and putting the clues together. The only problems I had were with the keyboard controls, it felt a little wonky. I think it would be better to allow arrow keys to walk and spacebar (or z, x, c) for the enter key. I thought it was strange that we had to hold down E for information/prompts but regular press other times. Also as much as I love cats, the continuous meowing while I was solving the puzzle was a bit annoying. Other than that, I loved the demo! And with some polishing, I know that the game will be amazing!

I can't open the game due to an error. "Failed to load mono."

this game is such a gem! it's so hard to find games that represent lgbt asians, nevermind do it in such a respectful but oh so entertaining way! and as a south asian, i am so glad that our region wasn't forgotten! masterpiece! fingers crossed for a sequel or spinoff!

you forgot the 1 in the beginning

A charming little game! Short and sweet. I really enjoyed the retro pixel art style and the funny dialogue. I do think the game could have  had more depth in terms of the story. It seems that any type of explanation was thrown out the window because "it's a dream." But even the dream world could have its own type of "logic" in the way it functions. It would have been more fun to explore that kind of thing. I do understand that the game was done as a Ludum Dare submission and was just polished. I think it's a great little game with that taken into account! The fourth wall breaking was hilarious. 4/5 from me! Would be interested in a sequel! :D The narcissistic elevator needs to be taught a lesson! Hmph!

Also, I think the game should have an epilipsy trigger warning or something of the like because of the rapid movement during some parts.

just two ol' gals platonically kissing

Hahaha well guess I'll just pretend there was a good ending in my heart! Hope you have more time to do the things you enjoy <3 

We Are All Homo Sextuals.

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Woohoo here come the gays! Yet another masterpiece by Angela He! There's just something about your beatiful artwork and music selection that always gives me this nostalgic feeling. This game really hits home and it portrays a feeling everyone can relate to. Not only does this happen in relationships, but in friendships and with family members too. You're real close but then over time arguments keep happening till it's draining to be around the person, but at the same time, you still care about them.  A really heartbreaking dynamic... and you portrayed it well in this game.  I know you don't really do sequels... but................... please?

You said this game was inspired by a real story, so if this is something that happened to you, I really hope you find closure with that person. :) I also want to mention that this reminds me  a lot of the webtoon Always Human, especially just the space concept and the aesthetic. Loved that webtoon. 

As always, love your game and excited to see more of your work! Huge fan of yours. Alright... well. Time to cry in my cheerios during these sad gay hours.