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Woohoo here come the gays! Yet another masterpiece by Angela He! There's just something about your beatiful artwork and music selection that always gives me this nostalgic feeling. This game really hits home and it portrays a feeling everyone can relate to. Not only does this happen in relationships, but in friendships and with family members too. You're real close but then over time arguments keep happening till it's draining to be around the person, but at the same time, you still care about them.  A really heartbreaking dynamic... and you portrayed it well in this game.  I know you don't really do sequels... but................... please?

You said this game was inspired by a real story, so if this is something that happened to you, I really hope you find closure with that person. :) I also want to mention that this reminds me  a lot of the webtoon Always Human, especially just the space concept and the aesthetic. Loved that webtoon. 

As always, love your game and excited to see more of your work! Huge fan of yours. Alright... well. Time to cry in my cheerios during these sad gay hours.


lol best comment!!! thanks so much <3 <3 <3 im really busy so ill prob never have time for a sequel :'( but maybe they get back together, who knows?

Hahaha well guess I'll just pretend there was a good ending in my heart! Hope you have more time to do the things you enjoy <3