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A charming little game! Short and sweet. I really enjoyed the retro pixel art style and the funny dialogue. I do think the game could have  had more depth in terms of the story. It seems that any type of explanation was thrown out the window because "it's a dream." But even the dream world could have its own type of "logic" in the way it functions. It would have been more fun to explore that kind of thing. I do understand that the game was done as a Ludum Dare submission and was just polished. I think it's a great little game with that taken into account! The fourth wall breaking was hilarious. 4/5 from me! Would be interested in a sequel! :D The narcissistic elevator needs to be taught a lesson! Hmph!

Also, I think the game should have an epilipsy trigger warning or something of the like because of the rapid movement during some parts.

Thanks a lot for playing and for the feedback!

As you said yourself, the game was kept simple as it was just a reworked version of a simple Ludum Dare game. If I decide on making the sequel I have in mind I'll sure put more work into those things. I'm glad you enjoyed it and liked the ending. The elevator might just make a comeback in the sequel!

I try not to update the game too much as then I'll feel like I can improve even more than is needed. I did add a warning on this page.