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Thanks for playing! We had some issues building the game with the proper window size, so apologies for that. If you click the blue button in the corner you can play in fullscreen mode, which is better. We're thinking about making a more fully-fleshed out sequel so keep an eye out! Thanks so much for hosting such a sweet game jam. Basing it off of the Nokia 3310 was a great idea! We had a great time working with the limitations. 

Thanks for the kind words! We made this for a weekend game jam so it was about as long as we could cook up. If you want to play more, there are multiple routes that are dependent on how you respond to NPCs. If you were nice to the orphans, maybe try being mean... 

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Thanks for playing and making this video! If you play again, you can find new routes that are less virtuous.

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Play Orphanopoly Here!

Orphanopoly is an RPG clicker game. Earn money for your orphanage and decide what to do with it. Will you work the orphans for profit or help them get adopted? 

This is the first game made by NunFuel. 

Created for the QDQ One Game Mechanic Game Jam  3.

Just added a WebGl build.

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Check out the WebGl version here:

Added Windows and Linux builds. We only have Macs to playtest on, so if you experience any bugs, please let us know! Hope you like it!

We're working on a PC build too! Hopefully, we'll get it up today.