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So, bug report, I guess? But I did find this funny, personally. lol -- The remastered version of water works? Uh.. Sorry, the one where Bandit is just waiting there and you have to rescue the other miners. -- A couple Rapid Riders I had actually drove on land (where there was a refinery) to directly deposit some energy crystals into the tool store. lol

Here's my bug report file:

It was a complete fluke that I came across this yesterday through my Youtube feed. (Hours after the premiere released, apparently?) This is SO a game I didn't know remember I wanted, because I lost my original disc over two decades ago and emulation just a decade ago had the game too obsolete to do everything. lol (Wow am I old..) I also just want to note that it was a rather nice touch that you added an option to have a random crash every 40-ish minutes emulating the original game. lol

Oh that's what I was thinking before. Sleeping I can understand not resetting the restraint, because it's progress and all. But the mental ward where you get the shower where the gear is taken off and put back on... That doesn't make sense that it isn't reset.... Might need to make the "rest" option in the cell restore energy to keep at it, before shower time.

Rambling tower... For a "typo hero," this actually sounds like a legit dungeon. lo

I think you can import sprites from another editor (like Aseprite,, or if you really want, MS Paint itself) and likewise you can just edit the images from the project's save directory itself, and it updates in Gamemaker, doesn't it? (Just something to help out, but considering your work on shaders and how beautiful the demo looks to begin with, I doubt you need this little tip. Otherwise, I agree that Gamemaker's sprite editor is bad. (Good to at least "have," but otherwise I've never really touched it and much prefer other image editors because I'm used to them anyways.)

Wait a minute... Meat to feet... That was a double typo, there is an imposter among them!

Regarding your streaming bit, if this is you getting your own ISP service etc. It may be worth noting that you should make sure you get at least a 5mb/s upload speed (to do, safely, 720p @ 30FPS. You could technically go 1080 @ 30 or 720 @ 60 with that speed.) -- Not everyone is aware of the upload demands of internet, after all. Just a brief (helpful?) PSA. If 1080 @60FPS is a demand, you'll need 10mb/s upload, mind you.

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I seem to have run into an error (I'm not familiar with Ren'py errors, so good luck with this report) when doing Sport is Life level 3, I think. (Maybe level 4) and decided to "bite off" Stukov's member. (After what I imagine was a "silly" scene, I started to run into a bunch of exceptions after "failing" every quick time event.) After "failing" every quick time event I realised this seemed to transition to possibly Stuck In Wall 3, but the triggers seemed to auto succeed? The original event did not complete and likewise seems to have corrupted the main scene now, too. (Fortunately, I made a backup.)

I'm sorry, but an uncaught exception occurred.
While running game code:
  File "game/my_events.rpy", line 16429, in script call
    call sitw_cast_bar_setup(2, 2, 0.01)
  File "game/my_events.rpy", line 17479, in script call
    call sitw_cast_bar_setup(1.3, 1.3, 0.01)
  File "game/my_assets.rpy", line 457, in script
    label ss_cast_bar_setup(time_start, time_max, interval):
Exception: Required parameter time_start has no value.
-- Full Traceback ------------------------------------------------------------
Full traceback:
  File "game/my_events.rpy", line 16429, in script call
    call sitw_cast_bar_setup(2, 2, 0.01)
  File "game/my_events.rpy", line 17479, in script call
    call sitw_cast_bar_setup(1.3, 1.3, 0.01)
  File "game/my_assets.rpy", line 457, in script
    label ss_cast_bar_setup(time_start, time_max, interval):
  File "renpy/", line 863, in execute
    values = apply_arguments(self.parameters,,
  File "renpy/", line 159, in apply_arguments
    return parameters.apply(args, kwargs, ignore_errors)
  File "renpy/", line 123, in apply
    raise Exception("Required parameter %s has no value." % name)
Exception: Required parameter time_start has no value.
SlutCraft: Heat of Sperm 0.25
Sun Oct 24 15:48:56 2021

Not just this game, but a few, can't be downloaded through the launcher. (It's unfortunate, CrossCode is one of them.) If you download them manually from the website, you can get the game, the full game, as you own it.

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Would like it, but I'm unsure if they care about itch anymore, actually... Looks like they last posted some 2-4 years ago. Maybe if you're lucky and can ask on their Twitch once in a while? They're working on another game there, once in a while.

Otherwise, looks like they're putting the DLC on Steam and Switch. (I'll be happy with Switch port, at least..) -- Would like PC port too, though.

Sophie's Dice community · Created a new topic Face designs?

I don't know if you have any plans to do this, so just a personal request really (But one I'd love to see) is if we could get some art designs (maybe imported too) to place along the edges of the dice faces in some way? I suppose the best way for myself to explain this would be to post this (recent link) that shows dice with all their fancy graphics on the edges:

I very much enjoy the mechanics here. I understand it's early access, but I would prefer more early game start stuff, maybe a bit of a survival/story, too? Still, great game.

I also decided to try this from my notebook which has Intel i3-8130u processor, instead of the Steam's minimum i5; it still works perfectly!

Would like to at least imagine it is, something about keeping your save files for later, when you're "completely done," the game. [no spoiler.] Like @DeathStar25, I very much love this game. Would love to see more, myself. :)

(1 edit)

A simple node to overlay one image over another. Script acts by considering the lowest RGB value as if it were an alpha value. Titled the node as "Cover."

Update because the link (Cover) doesn't work anymore (oops) here's the script itself again, anyways. (Just fixing my oops.)

function init()
     setDesc("Overlays texture on another.")
     setSize(140, 24+64+8+8+18+18+7+4)
     addInput("Underlay", 104)
     addInput("Overlay", 104+18)
     addInputParameter("Tolerance","Minimum Pixel Value",104+34,1,0,256)
function apply()
     Size = getTileSize()
     for x=0, Size-1 do
         for y=0, Size-1 do
             T1R, T1G, T1B = getValue(0,x,y,255)
             T2R, T2G, T2B = getValue(1,x,y,255)
             Tol = getValue(2,x,y,255)
             Min = math.min(T2R,T2G,T2B)
             if Min >= Tol then

(Put this in a text file, make sure the extension is .lua, and stick the file in the install path --> nodes.) -- It'll show up as whatever the file name is.

It took me way too long to get around to this game. I finally did and absolutely love it. Can't wait for chapter 2, 3, (I assume,) and the like.

I just did a bit of testing at my main Windows 7 computer, it seems the entire mod menu can break if there's more than one mod active at a time. (Windows 7 or 10.) This doesn't seem like a mod issue, but a version issue. (0.0.24c) My mod, in particular, shouldn't be incompatible with any other mod at all. (Except another sort of "play as any race" type of mod.)

Yea it's really weird too. Because it's an "add at line" to the main file, not replace it or anything. Don't know why it's stuck like that. :/

However, for the idea of using constants along with this one, my best suggestion is to load up my mod here play any race, get your preferred race, save as soon as you can, then change load order.

While this any race mod would be compatible with any other mod... This kind of makes a problem with other playable races. lol :/ (Being to start as said race, etc...)

    This mod lets you play as any race. The mod uses the game's race list array to just let you play as any race in story mode. This applies to playable character and starting slave. The file can be downloaded here: AnyRace Extract to the game's mod folder as per modded guidelines.  Mod made for and compatible with 5.24c

Unfortunately I discovered a problem on my windows 10 device, where only one mod can be active at a time, but my windows 7 PC is just fine. Not sure what's exactly going on, if I did something wrong or I missed an update or what.