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I just did a bit of testing at my main Windows 7 computer, it seems the entire mod menu can break if there's more than one mod active at a time. (Windows 7 or 10.) This doesn't seem like a mod issue, but a version issue. (0.0.24c) My mod, in particular, shouldn't be incompatible with any other mod at all. (Except another sort of "play as any race" type of mod.)

Yea it's really weird too. Because it's an "add at line" to the main file, not replace it or anything. Don't know why it's stuck like that. :/

However, for the idea of using constants along with this one, my best suggestion is to load up my mod here play any race, get your preferred race, save as soon as you can, then change load order.

While this any race mod would be compatible with any other mod... This kind of makes a problem with other playable races. lol :/ (Being to start as said race, etc...)

    This mod lets you play as any race. The mod uses the game's race list array to just let you play as any race in story mode. This applies to playable character and starting slave. The file can be downloaded here: AnyRace Extract to the game's mod folder as per modded guidelines.  Mod made for and compatible with 5.24c

Unfortunately I discovered a problem on my windows 10 device, where only one mod can be active at a time, but my windows 7 PC is just fine. Not sure what's exactly going on, if I did something wrong or I missed an update or what.