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Regarding your streaming bit, if this is you getting your own ISP service etc. It may be worth noting that you should make sure you get at least a 5mb/s upload speed (to do, safely, 720p @ 30FPS. You could technically go 1080 @ 30 or 720 @ 60 with that speed.) -- Not everyone is aware of the upload demands of internet, after all. Just a brief (helpful?) PSA. If 1080 @60FPS is a demand, you'll need 10mb/s upload, mind you.

Hey, thanks for the information, I already know quite a bit about streaming though (in terms of encoding/upload at least) so this isn't exactly news for me.

My internet is going to be 100/100 since it was the lowest and cheapest they offered, so the internet situation shouldn't be a problem unless they decide to throttle or simply don't give me the speed they said they would, but that's usually not something that happens in Sweden as far as I'm aware.

And I'll likely be going for 1080p 60FPS if everything works out.