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Such a unique and interesting concept!

Nevermind! All I had to do was export the file with the name "index.html" and it seemed to work!

I've tried multiple times to upload the exported HTML5 game, but I keep getting the error "failed to run (Insert file name).wasm" Very confused...

Is this option visible for exporting to Windows? I wasn't able to find the option to enable.

Thank you! For the asteroids, I used a 3d software called Blender (You've probably heard of it). I animated them and added a toon shader wich made the hard shadows you see in the final image. Then I just rendered it to a low resolution and voila, you have a cool pixel art asteroid! The explosions and comet trails were just normal particle emitters. I was really surprised at how powerful the particle system in Godot is!

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Thank you so much for the long and honest critique! I was originally planning on doing some playtesting with my friends, but none of them ever ended up responding. I think I played it so much during development that it became much easier for me than what it would have been for someone else. I've learned my lesson though, and will definitely plan a specific time to playtest. (By the way, my highscore is 8 astronauts).

Yeah, it is a bit unforgiving.

Thanks! Its not exactly a complex game, but I think it came out pretty well!

You might have forgotten to include the .pck file in the submission, so the game dosen't run

My bad! Somehow I missed it! Sorry about that!

Overall a pretty good game! The player is a bit too fast and bouncy for being in a puzzle game, making for some parts being hard just because the player was a bit hard to control. The level design and mechanics were great though, so I give this one a thumbs up!

What an amazing idea for a game! Fits perfectly with the theme, while still staying interesting. The graphics and music could use some work, but overall a good game!

While it is a pretty interesting idea, there isn't very much of a game to play (win/lose state, levels, etc.). Wit a bit more content, this could be a pretty good game. (Also the metaballs are SUPER satisfying to move around)

Really interesting concept for a game! For some reason I found the physics for the rope to be especially satisfying. It may not have been the best choice to not make the player be able to control "Headcase", but it was still a great game overall! Great work!

You need to include the .pck file with the .exe file for the game to run, so currently it dosen't work. 

That's probably whats happening. Looking forward to playing!

This is probably the most creative entry yet! Amazing game

Would love to play the game, but it gets stuck after pressing play. The screen goes white and the music glitches out. Might want to fix that.

I just wasn't sure if it meant reusing assets that YOU made previously or any assets at all. Thanks for clarifying!

I have been using free music from in my game. Is that allowed?