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Always nice to see a behind-the-scenes peek at progress. Sounds like it's coming along great!

Hello, justaguy9. Thanks for playing! At present, the only unique historical characters in the game are the ones you already encountered. However, there's always the possibility that more of these may be added in future updates. Stay tuned!

No problem, Superfreq. When an issue like that can have a serious impact on the player experience, I always try to bump it to the top of the priority list. And in my opinion, accessibility features are never just a "nice to have" option, they're essential. Hope you enjoy the update. Thanks for playing!

Thank you for buying the game, primedirected! Any free content updates released for the game are included with your purchase. You only need to download the new versions when they release. is a really good gaming community with a lot of visually-impaired players who are often willing to give great feedback on accessibility in games. You might find it to be a wonderful resource as you work through these UI issues.

Not werewolves, per se. But the game has the Anvil, which are large beast-man enemies with some visual similarities to werewolves. However, they don't transform; they're 24/7 beast-men. And so far, they've only been utilized in the game as enemy characters, so no friendlies. But, I wish you good luck on your hunt for werewolf games!

Hello, Ibgsloan!

Thank you for picking up the game & also for taking the time to leave in-depth feedback. Both are very much appreciated.

I'll keep your thoughts & impressions in mind as I continue to update & expand upon the game.

As a quick note:

Caretaker bonuses can be a bit of a slow burn, but over time they can really add up. Presently, the maximum energy savings bonus a single caretaker can produce (at the highest skill level + highest weekly performance) is 16%. But if you build all three Caretakers Quarters & expand them to hold 2 caretakers each (for a total of 6 caretakers), then you can actually net a 96% energy savings bonus at the maximum result. So, it can definitely be worthwhile to invest in them.

Nice interface design. Shops are looking good so far.

Nope, polyamory (multiple significant others) is fully embraced in the Citadel.

No plans for this, at present. But I'm always open to good ideas. Thanks for checking out the game!

Looks good! I like the stylized, monochrome look you're going for.

Regular updates sound good to me. I always like a behind-the-scenes peek at how projects are developing.

Sounds like a fun project. Love the visual style!

Hello, Drednex. Thanks for checking out the game. The incest fetish is not a huge part of the experience, but it's in there. In particular, the potential for it ties in with the latter portion of the main story, the end game events that start launching after the main story completes, and there's also a handful of side story events that can occur w/ romantic interests in the game that also make mention of incest elements. Although, for those not interested in the fetish, all of these elements are purely optional.

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Sounds like a cool update w/ lots of interesting changes.

I'm probably not going to take their muscles higher than the current limit of 'highly developed' with 'Olympian' strength. That's pretty big as-is, and I prefer to keep things relatively grounded for believability. But I will keep your suggestion in mind, and I appreciate the feedback.

Hello, JPN750. Thank you for the kind words. I'm glad you're enjoying the game. I don't have any current plans to make the women bigger than their present limits. But, I'm always open to suggestions. Are you looking for size increases in height, weight, muscles, or some other area?

Thank you for the kind words, Iron Elendil. I'm glad to hear you enjoy the game. I am looking into additional distribution methods for the game, and Steam is one of the options I'm checking into. Nothing solid has been decided on that front though.

Thank you for the kind words & the purchase, jktulord. They're very much appreciated. I built Sanctuary in Time using the Python language & the Notepad++ editor software. That's it. Nothing too fancy.

Thank you for the feedback & suggestions, Starsickle. They're very much appreciated.

Hello, Belisarius1. Thank you for the purchase! When you first open the application (before starting or loading a game), click the Settings button and the Cheat Options will appear on the menu that opens. They're only available before the game starts. Hope that helps.

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[via Google Translate: hyurrem says, "Hello, I wanted to submit an idea, maybe the hero’s wives will be able to give birth to children for him? It would be cool, don't you think?"]

Hello, hyurrem. I don't have any current plans to incorporate pregnancy in the game. But thank you for the feedback. I always appreciate hearing from players.

Hello, codefrost. Thank you for your interest in the game. The cheat options (which are available in the Complete Edition) allow players to customize a new game start, but do not affect an already in-progress playthrough.

Thank you, superfreq. Hope you enjoy the update!

[via Google Translate: hyurrem says, "Hello. please tell me there is no way to download the full version for free? I liked it so much, but there is no way to buy, I will be glad if you help me, thank you very much in advance."]

Hello, hyurrem. Thank you for playing the game. I'm glad you enjoyed it. However, only the Free Edition is available as a free download. The Complete Edition does require a purchase. If you're having difficulty making a purchase, please reach out to customer support. Thank you.

Greetings, one and all!

Version 0.3.5 of Sanctuary in Time is now available to the public in the Standard (Free) Edition. Love is in the air at the citadel, and we've got major changes coming to the game because of it. We've got infatuation, romance, love, and yes, even marriage! And a whole host of new side story events to support them. Plus, bug fixes, balancing updates and more! So, dive in and check it out!

Read full changelog here: Changelog: 0.3.5 - Sanctuary in Time - Sanctuary in Time by NovusOperandiGames (

Above all else, have fun!

Max (Novus Operandi)

Hello Starsickle,

Thank you for checking out the game, and thank you also for the feedback. Sanctuary in Time is my first game, so I'm sure I have plenty of areas to improve. But, all in all, I'm quite happy w/ how this project has turned out. And I'm sure my technique will continue to improve as I work on this and other projects.

Hello codefrost,

Thanks for your interest in the game. Unfortunately, I don't think it will be compatible with the JoiPlay emulator, because the game is a Windows executable. 

Here's the compatibility info from their website: "JoiPlay is a game interpreter and launcher for RPG Maker XP/VX/VX Ace/MV/MZ, Ren'Py, TyranoBuilder and HTML based games. JoiPlay doesn't emulate Windows or any operation system so games that depend on Windows APIs or uncommon Node.js classes/functions won't work."

Greetings, one and all!

Version 0.3.4 of Sanctuary in Time is now available to the public in the Standard (Free) Edition. We've got tons of updates this month, which include extensive changes to how personalities affect both skills & duty assignments, a whole new "coaching" feature that allows the training of a follower past their natural inhibitions, newly recruitable historical figures, new Gene Lab options, and much more! So, dive in and check it out!

Read full changelog here: Changelog: 0.3.4 Sanctuary in Time - Sanctuary in Time by NovusOperandiGames (

Above all else, have fun!
Max (Novus Operandi)

Thank you! Hope you enjoy it.

Hello, Superfreq.

Thanks for playing! I also want to thank you for the feedback & suggestions. I appreciate them very much. If you could, please send details about any bugs you find to my email, max DOT ingram AT novusoperandigames DOT com. I'll do my best to track those down & squash them. Thanks!

Max (Novus Operandi)

Good postmortem. Lots of interesting insights! I'm glad the launch has gone well for you so far.

Good game! Fun concept. Beautiful artwork.

Congrats on the launch!

Sanctuary in Time, by yours truly, has a strong theme running throughout of fit, muscular women depicted in action scenarios (as well as intimate). Check it out. You might like it. 

Max (Novus Operandi)

Hello, meero619! You're very welcome. I'm glad you're enjoying the new update. At the present time, the only way to contribute financially is through Patreon. However, any kind of engagement with the project helps. So even just downloading the game, playing it, and leaving a comment like you did above helps spread the word, and is very much appreciated.

That's right, FoxHardtKoshin. The cheat menu options, the unlimited end-game mode, and early access to new content are all features unlocked by the Patron Edition of the game. 

Thank you for checking out the game & I hope you enjoy the latest update.

Greetings, one and all!

Version 0.3.1 of Sanctuary in Time is now available to the public in the Standard (Free) Edition. It features a whole host of new updates, including personality types for followers, highly requested new accessibility features (Hello, Dark Mode!), a new recruitment origin that lets you rescue a woman on trial for witchcraft, as well as several balancing tweaks & misc updates to boot! So, dive in and check it out.

Sanctuary in Time is a text-based, adult management game with a sci-fi twist! Fill the halls of your citadel with beautiful female followers rescued from throughout history, add structures, upgrade them, and survive the forces that killed your father!

Download the game on Itch.

Read full changelog here.

Above all else, have fun!

Max (Novus Operandi)

Version 0.3.1 of the Standard (Free) Edition of the game should be launching on Itch tomorrow. So, not too much longer to wait now. Hope you enjoy it.