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You're welcome! Thanks for sharing it😊

The idea is that each level has 20 hunny buns and requires a total amount of hunny buns to unlock the next level with subsequent levels requiring larger amounts as the game progresses.  I originally had the exit of the level blocked if you didn't have enough for the next level, but that wasn't received well so I changed it.

The total requirement to unlock levels doesn't require collecting all 20 hunny buns for each level. I guess I could try a middle ground for locking the level exit🤔

Thanks for giving me more to think about.

Thanks so much for the feedback! I'm so glad you enjoyed the mechanics. I'm editing the dialogue down as we speak😂

You're welcome! I'm looking forward to playing more of it! 

That's so funny because one of my tasks this week is updating the button icons and that's the first one on the list. It's supposed to be Space /Enter to skip the text and ESC to get out of it. I'll have that fixed by the end of this week.
I appreciate you specifying that.

Oh that all makes sense. Looking at the color of the poison, I might need to change its color and shape. 
Not being shown the cost of the next level when the game opens on the first level is a bit of an oversight on my part. I'll have to fix that.
Thanks for clarifying.

I appreciate you playing and apologize for the game freezing on the first Jelli. I'm so glad you enjoyed the walljump mechanics! The world map shows how many are needed, but you're right, I should add how many you need to the dialog which I can cut in other places because sheesh its a lot😂 

The levels being completely reset is something I'm contending with changing, but I wanted to get some more playtesting first to decide whether it needed to be changed.

And you didn't know you could beat the enemies by jumping on them? I might need work on the reading of some of these enemies.
Thanks so much for your honest feedback. It's given me a lot to consider and work on!

Thanks so much for playing and giving me your honest feedback! I'll make the keys more streamlined and less confusing. The jelli glitch on the third level is a horrible bug that I'm working on as I'm typing this. I apologize for the game glitching out on you. Thanks again for playing☺


The jumping feels rewarding but sometimes the jump path disappears. Clicking isn't always responsive and can cause you to die because you need to be able to move quickly. 

I love the arcade feel and look. The music and sound effects are superb. The boss was fun to fight and I didn't realize that you can kill the homing enemies until my 5th or 6th death.  I think a small tutorial on beating the different enemy types would help them feel less like the game is cheating and feel more prepared to handle the boss.

To be transparent, these critiques are coming from someone who's not very good at management games, so please take them with a grain of salt.

While I enjoy the atmosphere of this game, I found the actual gameplay kind of confusing.
The investigate button seems to be the only thing that's important because of how text-heavy the tutorial is. So I gave up after attempting the timed tutorial for a 4th time because I'm not sure what the win condition is.
This game has a lot of potential to be fun but I think the tutorial text should be cut down and the win conditions could be better illustrated.

This was a fun little platformer! The movement mechanics felt nice and responsive. The blue torches as checkpoints was a neat touch.

I think some coyote time would add some nice polish to the jumping mechanic to give falling from platforms more of a fair feeling.

My only gripe is that the spikes are so unforgiving, but that's more of a nitpick. It's an overall fun game that you should be very proud of.

The Art

The bright blue floor is a bit straining to look at while moving and although I like the colors for the enemies, their transparent look makes them hard to see. I love the visual style a lot and I think the biggest improvement would be to change the floor color. It makes the enemies and half the magic circle on the gun difficult to see.

The Music

I enjoy the music

Other Feedback

The gameplay is a little confusing. It feels like the enemies are either spawning right on top of me or they are moving too fast for me to get distance away from them. I'm not sure if I've killed them or not. A more readable confirmation sound effect or visual effect could be added. 
The power-up options show pop up as I'm still shooting so I end up clicking one without having a chance to read it.

The movement feels good while the aiming and shooting are very satisfying. I don't have a lot of experience with survivors-like games but I'm confident that this would get me hooked.


The mechanics are simple and easy to understand. The grid-snapping and response feel great!

The puzzles are engaging and even though some are a little frustrating, they aren't so bad that I rage quit😆

The only real nitpick I have is the lack of music. Overall it's a fun puzzle game that I had a great time playing.

Ah ok! Thanks for the explanation. That's something I can most definitely adjust! I'm adding it to the list of Feel Improvements. My testing pool is pretty small so this kind of feedback is so helpful. Thanks a lot!

Thanks for the feedback! I'm sorry that even the downloadable game froze. Your notes have given me some great insight into what might be causing it: NPC interactions smh. I appreciate the obstacle design point. Another critique was about there being too many obstacles. I believe these points go hand in hand. I'll be sure to give better clarity on enemies and obstacles. Thanks so much for your honest feedback😄

I'm so grateful for your feedback and apologize for the stunted experience. I think I've narrowed down the cause of the crash: NPC interactions. The levels being cluttered with too many obstacles and excessive NPC text are most definitely points I need to edit down. The music is something I'm refining as well.  If you don't mind me asking, what you mean by slightly floaty controls? It might be something I could actually do! Thanks again for your feedback😊

Thanks so much for the feedback! I've been having a fair amount of trouble with the dialog system and the pause menu. I think it has to do with how I'm halting the player's movement. Your feedback has confirmed that for me.😄

Whoah this is kinda tough but I can't put it down. I love the clean mechanics!

Signing the contract at the bottom of the intro screen is a really cool addition too. Well done!

Beautifully simple and fun.

I love the atmosphere and the pixel art is really amazing. The little mushrooms are my favorite enemy and them kicking me after I've already died makes me chuckle. The only thing that stood out as not so great is that your attacks don't always fire in the direction that you're facing, but as far as game jam games go this is still a pretty solid one!

Super fun game! The music and visuals are entrancing and feed my need to keep jumping. Well done!

DUDE!!! This was AMAZING! Thanks for the great experience!

I appreciate the suggestions!

All of the levels are replayable after unlocking them. I could try making the movement tech available earlier.

Thanks! It's not available until the second stage.

What a wonderfully addictive game! Played this one a couple of times! It's really fun😄

I just fixed the bug. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention!

Oh no! Thanks for pointing that out.  I'm working to fix it

I think I had 76-80 draculas left. I don't think it was too hard. I just got stuck in a corner🤣

FINALLY! This was such a blast to play. I got stuck in a corner and spent 10 minutes trying to shoot my way out😂
Very addicting gameplay loop. Well done my friend!

No problem buddy! I'm looking forward to the next game!🥔🥔

Fun game!
It's so simple yet very addictive. Thanks for sharing

Super addictive game!

The presentation hooked me like a fish and the gameplay didn't disappoint! I love the rhythm game style combat and the music really ties it all together. I'm looking forward to finishing this one!

What a fun game that became even more entertaining when I realized that I could wall jump! I only fought the first boss, but it was fun and actually more challenging than I expected. The enemies are a little too fast but it was still a super fun experience! Seems like it would make for an interesting speedrun

Amazing take on gravity and platforming! The levels are well done with the music, sound effects, and textures adding to the immersion. I can't wait to finish it

I LOVE the color palette. It took me a minute to get the hang of swapping abilities but once I did, the game really opened up. My only issue is that the camera shifts a little too much when jumping, so it's hard to tell where you're jumping or landing. Other than that, it was a really fun game and I'm looking forward to beating it😁

Interesting concept. The presentation is simple and the colors work really well. It was hard to tell when I was close to overloading, but overall it was a fun experience!

The music is pretty loud but enjoyable, and It really felt like I was on a space adventure. Really neat that you were able to create a ROM for the GameBoy!

A fun game that's a little confusing at first because of the controls, then before I knew it I was having a pretty good time! The music is a little too loud, but it really adds pacing to the game