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Really nice idea!!

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Thanks for your interest. I´ve added a zip file now.

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An abandoned tape recorder, odd noises from a basement and finally – a discarded clown’s mask.  Strange things are happening here around this mysterious "Waterhouse". Is someone secretly conducting illegal experiments on human beings?

Free Demo Version:
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Shadows by the Waterhouse / Chapter 1

"The Waterhouse." An abandoned tape recorder, odd noises from a basement and finally – the discarded clown’s mask. Is someone secretly conducting illegal experiments on human beings? To find the answers you have to get into that building at the river dam which might obviously be quite a dangerous undertaking with you being all by yourself…

Shadows by the Waterhouse / Chapter 2

There are indications that the so called "Pyramidists" have been planning crimes on a much larger scale affecting all of humanity. The so called “Glass Plan” is an insidious, cleverly devised strategy to achieve this goal where the increasing physical and mental dependency on digitization actually acts as motor. If their calculations work out there will be no escape - for no thing and no body on this planet. Coupled with the immortality ideology of the transhumanism life within this dubiously transparent palace would turn into much more of a horrific nightmare than a sacred blessing. Some will not refrain from calling this brave new world the invisible concentration camp. Will the future be as disastrous as predicted?

Why don’t you find out?


I still don`t know what you`ve meant, but gradually it doesn't matter any more  ...

I actually meant, that I did not quite understand what you wanted to tell me with "too much entangled" 


??? I can`t follow you, sorry.

If you would tell me your emailadress or send me an Email so i could send you the downloadlink, thanx.

Thanx for the information. So you can't play the game cause you have no Personal Computer / Notebook with Windows, or?

Yes, unfortunately only WIN

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Hello, I am looking for testers for Chapter 2 of "Shadows by the Waterhouse" Please contact me under THANX! :D

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Ich hätte noch einen weiblichen Sprechpart zu vergeben, gegen Bezahlung. Bei Interesse, bitte kurze Nachricht an Danke!


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Die Grafiken sind nun beinahe alle fertiggestellt und verlinkt, die Musik teilweise. Die nächsten Wochen werde ich schwerpunktmäßig mit  div.  Gamesounds sowie Sprachaudios beschäftigt sein. Dann folgt die Testphase und der letzte Feinschliff. Leider alles um einiges später als ursprünglich angedacht. Aber ich will ja auch nicht halbgares Zeugs auftischen. Es ist nun mal verdammt viel Arbeit, da ich alles (bis auf die Übersetzung ins Englische sowie einige Sprachaudios) alleine mache. Also bitte ich noch um ein wenig Geduld für ein attraktives Ergebnis!! Hier erstmal noch ein paar weitere Screenshots:

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About a year ago I´ve found the smartphone which somebody has lost in the game! In reality!! How creepy!! Look here:

And now - about a year later - somebody who calls himself "George NOrwell", says, he would know that Waterhouse has been hacked! He mailed me that information and the address of a very mysterious blog! No less creepy!! Look here:

I couldn`t find out who "George NOrwell" is and what he wants yet. Maybe you could help me, THX!

devstat 88%

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inside the old waggon

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                                                                        .                                  .                .                                   O                                                         .                                                     ------------- 85 %               .                .                                           **       

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                   .                          ***                    ****************************************************

        "SHADOWS BY THE WATERHOUSE                             MAJOR VERSION" DEV. STAT.:  85%

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Currently in progress:  TRAIN SIMULATION SEQUENCE

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