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It should be there, maybe you forgot to move the exe

The art is very nice. The sound effects are also pretty satisfying. Overall fun game!

The animations are nice and the gameplay is fun! Nice use of the limitation!

What main menu

Ikr lol

A interactive narrative puzzle game in a game jam?!?! And submitted with 5 minutes left! I was only able to submit mine with only 20 SECONDS and it’s probably way more basic than yours lol. Great job.

I have no idea how to win this

Great use of the limitation! The rocket physics are also really fun! I also like how the ship is also your checkpoint. Although, I was able to get through the whole game just using the rocket. The rocket was fun on its own but I don’t think you intended people to do that on their first run lol. Have a nice day ^_^

GUYS! The game requires the main.lua to run

You should try it sometime lol.


I love the tight and intense gameplay! Visuals can use some work though.

I love the mechanics and art! Creative use of the limitation too!

Discord is michaeltheratz

I am a game programmer who has experience in haxe, lua, c++, and js. I am looking for an artist, composer, game designer (maybe), and 2nd programmer (maybe) to work on a game for the next MINI jam coming up this week. I had made many games in different engines but right now I will either use haxeflixel or a custom C++ engine I am making with allegro (I will most likely use haxeflixel though). This will probably be the first time I work in a team so also take that into account. My previous work is on my itch ( I really hope I can join a team because my art is garbage

what is with the painfully long titles omg

you should also delete the save file

bro that took a month

Pretty cool graphics and tricky but fun gameplay. Nice!

Really nice game! The graphics are nice and gameplay was fun. It took me a while to figure out what to do though.


I love the twist of a otherwise overused mechanic. The art and music are also pretty good!

The graphics and audio are nice. It was also pretty fun.

The art and audio was fun but I was not able to finish the first level before I lost interest. I hope you improve.





you reviewed my game “the hole”





Glad it made you laugh!

Hey, you where that old dad guy from discord! I love your game. It’s really fun and challenging. I also love the cool twist. I could see this being on steam!

The art was fine but, I had no idea how to play the game. I hope you improve!

There is a lot to improve like the audio (really loud) and gameplay (too confusing and hard). It’s also not really original. But I guess it’s a nice attempt. I hope to see you improve.


This is peak art.

I love the graphics and fast pace gameplay! Keep up the good work!