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Holy cow man I love all your games and I love underwater things and I am very excited to play this

is this killjoy

Thanks @BA16

Thanks @BA16

Thank you @RandomPIGGY

Thank You @Badanthony20

This game has a great concept and art style. The ambience and atmosphere could really set off the chills. I really wasn't that fazed with the jump scare at the end, but I'll tell you what, I was pushing myself back into my chair because I knew something was coming. Honestly, pretty good game, and another Unity Indie Dev? Epic.

Beautiful, Kek

BTW, Low Light Games, if you would like to be notified of any new releases, suggest/get new game ideas, or just to talk, you can join our discord server here:

I really liked the idea! It was a fun little puzzle game. The low poly models, and the colors that paired with the autumn season really made for a good aesthetic. Again, those models were so incredibly good! I'm going to have to get you to help for some of our projects :)! All in all, it was an incredibly fun game. 10/10

Stay tuned for the DLC, Прохладный Гай преподает математику

Thanks! I didn't notice that cogwheel until you said it! I'm still loving it even more now that I can play! I actually got jumpscared a bunch! 10/10 keep up the incredible work

Thanks dude... All I can say is thanks for following cool guy teaches math all this time... 

I really like the idea you've started with this game! The mix between a chaser, and a collectible puzzle sort of game. The aesthetic seems really really spoopy (just in time :) ). 

But I noticed a few bugs. It won't let me move my mouse for some reason (Also if you use c# in unity, then maybe I could help you out on that). Also, the UI sliders you have for your sprint and fear are still interactable (On the slider component, you can find a boolean for interactable).

But, I digress, all in all, I'm excited for the final version. Can't wait to see your project 10/10

-Nick Chaps :)

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If you would like to suggest game ideas, or just talk to the developers of Pinnacle Games, then you can join our discord server here.

Thanks! - NickChaps

Oh, it's still a good game though :). Keep up the good work!

if by 'only game' you mean you made it all by yourself... Just to let you know, I made cool guy teaches math all just me... I know I have to other people helping me in other projects, but CGTM was just a me project :).

I really like this game... I think the way that you combine the mining and the sort of crafting of the rocket is brilliant... Definitly inspired me to make some kind of space game... 10/10

Basic Games... This is not a fan game, it is simply just a game that was inspired to add some minor features of another game... Also, only the first game was inspired... The second, third, and of course, the fourth (which is coming soon) are not.

Yep! Thanks dude!

Thanks SO Much!! that picture will be perfect! Is there anything you want me to shout out? like a youtube channel or something along those lines?

Thanks for playing! If you don't mind I would like to put that picture of cool guy in the final game. If your okay with that, then just respond with what you would want your name in the credits to be! Thanks - Nick Chaps.

Hey Low Light Games, I just reuploaded each different version for each different chapter. Thanks for telling me about the problem so I could fix it :). If there are any more bugs, please inform me. Otherwise stay tuned for chapter 3 :)

Hey Low Light Games! I was wondering, to figure out the problem, what secret did you have trouble with. The locker key on the chalkboard, or the code. Thanks.

Hey,  Thanks for playing the game! I like your suggetions, but you are supposed to know where Cool Guy is by his jingle. 

Hey! Thanks for playing my game! I wanted to let you know that I will fix that bug in the first chapter and reupload :)

Hey, thanks for reporting that bug, I'll fix it and reupload. Btw, there will be a second one, I'm working on it now, so be sure to stay updated :).

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Yeah, but there are already some baldi's basics inspired games, for instance :