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I really like the idea you've started with this game! The mix between a chaser, and a collectible puzzle sort of game. The aesthetic seems really really spoopy (just in time :) ). 

But I noticed a few bugs. It won't let me move my mouse for some reason (Also if you use c# in unity, then maybe I could help you out on that). Also, the UI sliders you have for your sprint and fear are still interactable (On the slider component, you can find a boolean for interactable).

But, I digress, all in all, I'm excited for the final version. Can't wait to see your project 10/10

-Nick Chaps :)


Thanks for your feedback!! Hmmm... maybe the mouse is stuck because the sensitivity is low? The settings can be found on the lower left-hand corner of the menu on the poorly made "cogwheel" icon, and you can adjust the sensitivity from there, along with a few other things. I just used the basic FPS Controller built-in with unity, too. Also, I had no idea the sliders were interactable until now! Thanks dude!! I'll push a new update with patches soon, and maybe some more... ;)


Thanks! I didn't notice that cogwheel until you said it! I'm still loving it even more now that I can play! I actually got jumpscared a bunch! 10/10 keep up the incredible work