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Thanks for the advice! I didn't know you could disable the resolutions dialog, thanks for that! I built it in now, so it looks a little cleaner:

I might keep the fog because it (tries) to make the game feel more intense with the more supplies you get, and I'll probably replace some textures too. Thanks again!

Cool!! It's really easy to implement, all you have to do is go to Windows > Rendering > Occlusion Culling, and just hit bake!

Thanks!! :D

A very interesting game! The music fits the theme incredibly well, and the power-ups were pretty cool too. Although, I could only find 3 keys, and the maze was pretty hard to traverse. Not to mention that getting upstairs took a few tries, since the dog kept blocking the entrance... maybe he can be enabled after entering? Anyway, this game was pretty fun to play and the effort put into this really shows!!

Cool game! The graphics are pretty good and I like how the map was randomly generated every time, too. Survive alone was pretty easy, but it seems like a fun game to play with friends!

really cool game! The graphics are well done and I really like the idea of sacrificing your friends for health and stuff. nice work!

Hey, I'm having a hard time getting past the first night, I try to turn on the A/C but nothing happens and I still die from the red one. Other than that, this is a pretty cool game so far!

Really fun game! The controls were weird at first but soon I got it and climbing up the mountain felt awesome and not too rage inducing. Grabbing on to ledges and swinging up them felt enjoyable and rewarding, and the level design was great, too!

I kinda wish you'd get a star on the menu or it'd show your best time after you beat it.

try and beat my time of 28 minutes... which should be easy actually lol

Hey, it works on my mac now! Just got the Plate Shard and the game looks and plays really good so far, thanks for patching it!

I really liked Ao Oni way back then, and it's so cool to see a remake of it!! There's only one problem, and it's that when I start the game and type my character's name, it says "Unable to find file: Graphic/Parallaxes/fog>" and crashes. I tried adding it in manually but it still won't work. I'm using Wine to run this on mac, so maybe that's why, but I couldn't find a fog graphic in the folder anyway. Any ideas?

A fun little game about eating your children :) I liked the atmosphere, with the black and white graphics and the jazz music in the background, it made it look more like a game from a cartridge. Overall cool game!

Very simple and fun game! Each level was different and interesting and it's a pretty solid platformer! (the ending was a little dark... but whatever lol)

A fitting final showdown with the coolest man on earth... A pretty easy fight (mainly because dying puts you back to the start) and it took me a while to figure out the falling platforms, but it was still pretty fun!! The ending was hilarious too lol. But that message.. that code... it may take me a while...

But hey, the quadrilogy is complete!! Congratulations!!!

Thanks for your feedback!! Hmmm... maybe the mouse is stuck because the sensitivity is low? The settings can be found on the lower left-hand corner of the menu on the poorly made "cogwheel" icon, and you can adjust the sensitivity from there, along with a few other things. I just used the basic FPS Controller built-in with unity, too. Also, I had no idea the sliders were interactable until now! Thanks dude!! I'll push a new update with patches soon, and maybe some more... ;)

No problem!! :D You don't have to shout out anything, just Low Lights Games in the credits is cool, but thanks for the offer though!!! :D

You can totally use that picture in the final game! Thanks dude!! In the credits, Low Light Games is fine.

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chapter 3 > chapter 2! Honestly, the quality of the Cool Guy™ Games have risen since the first one. The cutscenes are very well done, the posters are a nice touch, items & Mrs. Cabbage are BACK, the school looks a lot better and bigger, and each mode felt unique and not just a harder version of the other one (ravioli ravioli mk. 2 especially). My only criticisms are that you can glitch through the tables & bathtubs (which makes the game actually possible to beat in my opinion), the sensitivity bar doesn't save (but it's still nice to have), and it's the same ending for every difficulty, even when Cool Guy™ is not present...

Also... um... the secret doesn't work for me... all of the Chapter 2 builds are still labeled v1.0.0 and the windows version is 34 MB bigger than the other versions...

I sense that the Cool Guy™ Games are coming to a close with this final battle... I can't wait for the next installation of this franchise!!

Ç̴̉͌̉̾̊͌̍͠͠͝ớ̷̡̝̗͎̗̖̻̆̉͛̆͛̑͋͌̀̅̂ò̶̢̡̟̫̘͇̞̭̈́͊̈̌͋̿͒̀̾̽̕͘͝͝l̴̺̞͇̖̻͓͖̯̥̗̯̫̰͈͌͑́͐͑͌̑́̉͋̈́ G̵̤͕̜͌̎͑̓̍͒ủ̴̘̮̳͖̫͖̣̥͔͕͉͇̆ÿ̵̦̞̰͕͈̝̘̱̩̘̱́͊́͐̊͑͗̀̔̓͘͜͝

rad lad
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I've tried both, and neither worked! I think the reason is this:

Cool Guy Size Differences

I don't think the Mac and Linux versions are updated... and it tough to tell if the game is updated because all versions still say v1.0.0

Maybe re-uploading the builds would fix it?

Thanks dude!!! :D

I think this one tops the first one! I liked the switches from the house to the cellar, the cutscenes were really good, and there's controller support!! My only issues are that there's no items other than assignments and the cabbage dude doesn't return :(, but it's still a fun game!

(P.S. Is the mac version for chapter 1 updated? I tried to use the secret but it didn't work...)

Pretty great game! The controls are good and I liked all of the different modes! There's a glitch though... the exit doesn't work in double trouble. THAT MUSIC IS POPPIN THOUGH

I̷ ̵L̵I̵K̶E̸ ̷T̷O̷ ̵O̸O̴T̵ ̵O̵O̴T̶ ̵O̴O̶T̴ ̷O̷O̴T̶ ̸O̵O̶P̴L̷E̸S̸ ̵A̶N̵D̸ ̷B̴A̸N̶O̴O̴N̵O̸O̴S̸

Easily one of the best Baldi's Basics games ever created. Really looking forward to chapter 2! (If there is going to be one)