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Man, I went into this game hoping it'd be a relatively simple platformer, only to be pleasantly suprised with what is essentially Dark Souls as a platformer. Nice job! I love it.

I like how flimsy the crowbar is, adds a lot of character to the game. Also when will the rest of the levels be released because I found myself replaying this a bunch.

Sure thing. The *slightly* unprofessional site would be GameJolt, you can find my profile on there as well. Cheers.

Thank you, I'll be sure to put every little bit of knowledge to good use.

Hi, I'm Nothy and I've recently moved over to this site since the previous one was a bit on the *slightly* unprofessional side.
I'm working on two projects that I'll happily share with this community once they're finished. One is an autobiography mostly about my upbringing, and the other one is an open world top-down shooter where you're stranded on a planet.
I usually suck at making graphics, but practice makes perfect. However, I am pretty good at Lua, C#, JS, Java, Batch, Python and some other languages. If you need help with something, feel free to contact me. 

Oh, also I waste a lot of time drinking energy drinks while coding and planning collabs with a friend of mine.