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Still is 😃
The game is ad supported over there, and by default does not have all of the maps and modes. But if you want to try it out for free, mobile is definitely the way to go.

There does not seem to be a direct message system on, but since this is a reply to your message, I hope you will be the first one to see it. Consider it an early Christmas present 🎅

Quite possible, it's on there as well 🙂

Thank you, and done. You were right, I hope this one is an improvement.

Thank you! 

Also I had no chance to test it on a big table myself, but it's good to know that it works as it should.

I made a local multiplayer game for 12 players. Normally this is hard to show within search results, and in any case takes a whole lot of keywords or even filler text. So it was nice to see that the player count is an information you can actually enter as part of the description here. It even has a nice slider.

But unless I overlooked it, there is no option to actually search for that information. Since users can already select things such as one-button-game and local multiplayer, and since the information is already there, it would be great if they also got a slider or field to select the number of players they need.