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That is not possible yet, it's on the roadmap.

As a workaround you add multiple give abilities.

Thank you for the feedback. Don't forget to try some of the games others have created in the mod browser. 🙂

Sorry, it seems I have added a bug to the tutorial. If you were stuck, it is fixed now.

The tutorial is only in the built in game, if you create your own, it will not appear.

There is also a cheat under options > developer > cheats to skip it. :)

Something like "When you summon a minion: Give it +1/+1."?

I will work on that. :)


To add cards, open Games, here you can mod the game or create own from scratch. Thanks for letting me know about this, I will make the Editor button always visible to make it easier to find.

For now, the idea is that people create their own games/mods and handle balancing themselves. There is a value field that can help you balance things, but it currently doesn't work with the new ability editor, will fix that soon. I do want to try creating something where people can use their own cards against each other, but compared to other things such as making custom games work online and custom art, it is not a priority right now. 

Art is from Ækashics Librarium, and some images were not made to be seen that large. I will try upscaling to make it better.

The Ice Wolf will be fixed, should have been On Play, not On Summon.

Growth might need a nerf. :)

If you mean types like in spells, resources, buildings etc. It is not supported in the editor and currently not a priority as I want multiplayer working first, but it is planned.

If you mean type as in different layouts, then that is also planned.

Thanks! The goal of the main game was to make it simple and quick. Maybe I should slow down the progression a bit. Drawing is risk vs reward, that said drawing feels like too much of a risk right now, especially since you start with 5 cards, I might have to buff the drawing cards somehow.

Thanks! By decor do you refer to the UI, in game or both?

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For anyone searching for this in the future. I deleted the build and reuploaded it with butler, it will then be named correctly. If people have downloaded the game with the Itch app, they will have to uninstall the game and install it anew. (re-install option does not work)

I thought I got what you meant, so I tried creating the zip file manually and uploading that, however it is still the old name.

Command: butler push nordicsoftworks/ccgsimulator:windows

Yes, I'm using butler.  I'm not sure what you mean by renaming. I have renamed the files in the folder, and changed the name in the command. 

Command: butler push windows nordicsoftworks/ccgsimulator:windows

I renamed my game from CCG Master to CCG Simulator and uploaded a new build, however the zip file is still name

How do I rename the zip?


Thanks for the video, this helps a lot. 😁

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  • Undeen’s Taunt doesn’t seem to work against Water minions.

    I could not reproduce this. I will add replays to the next update so people can share them when something goes wrong.

  • Elf Archer's Double Strike doesn't work.

    It works, however the issue is that it just doubles the attack damage and there is no feedback. I will reword the ability text and do a special animation for this. And right now it only shows how much damage was done, I think i will change this to show max damage instead.

  • Is it intentional for an Eldritch Hound summoned via Dark Queen to not be able to use its Charge ability?

    No, will be fixed in the next update.

  • Poison does 3 damage per turn instead of 1. Also do you think it might need to have an additional effect or new effect altogether, with Deathtouch just being a better version of it? (Personally I’m thinking lowering an enemy’s attack value would be a better effect.)

    The description was wrong, it does x damage for x turns and it stacks. I plan to make more abilities that synergies with this, add posion to all, double poison etc. The idea was that poison might not kilI instantly, however it would be good at clearing multiple targets over time and be cheaper. I will leave it in for now, when I have added the other abilities I will reevaluate.

    I do however like the idea about decreasing attack, I will create separate abilities for this.

  • The game seems to have controller support, but there don’t seem to be any controls for selecting cards.

    This could potentially take a lot of time to implement correctly, since most people on PC has a mouse I decided to release the prototype first. It will be implemented in the future, if I get a lot of requests I prioritize it up.

  • The Sort by Value option doesn't seem to do anything to the collection.

    Is it not changing the order for you? Value ((attack + health + ability values) / cost) is only visible in the inbuilt editor and is for the most part only useful for designing cards. It will make more sense in the future when I make modding available.

I like your effect ideas, some I have just implemented in my development build. In general I think the game needs more effects and synergies, so that will also be something I will focus on.

Thought I could get an update out this week, unfortunately a lot of things came up. Next week I will be on vacation, the next update will probably come out the week after. 😊

Thank you, I really appreciate this. I'm busy right now, but later next week I will look into this. :)