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wow! nice use of the OLC engine and structs :0 it was hard but fun lol.

hahha thaanks :0

hahhahhaha hiiiii mang! lol thanks :P

hahahahhahha XD

wow! this is simply amazing!!

really fun and relaxing with sound on

woah we got 777 ratings :0 so many

WOW I love it, even has little stories :0 


haha! I am glad you like it!! I tried your game and I really like it!

love love :D

love love :D

oooooh :0 is this the latest version? I am too scared to play it though...

haha! I love the super edgy mood the game has. The 3D maze using the console as display output is something I am want to learn some time as well!! The face is actually pretty scary for me so haha. was too scared to keep going but I know there is a scare.wav file. Thus, not sure if it was supposed to play at some point but it never did for me yet...

hahaha it's fun!! :D great work on this one, although I think the energy bar stays the same so it's hard to tell when I am about to get too tired to put away trash lol. 

Oh wait I got it to work :P

this might help others :D

first, install python

Welcome to

use this link to install pygame

How to Install Pygame | Computer Science (

then install NumPy

How to Install NumPy {Windows, Linux and MacOS} (

then click on the python file

No kidding, you did this in 9 days?  It feels like a full game!! Reminds me of games like Garden Story XD

this might help! :D

first, install python

Welcome to

use this link to install pygame

How to Install Pygame | Computer Science (

then install numpy

How to Install NumPy {Windows, Linux and MacOS} (

woah! pretty cool!

so cute and cool! I love the pixel effect! :D

I love it, really fun!! :D nice retro old game feel. 

I think it will be fun practice for my quadratic skills! :O

woww! I feel like I am playing old Metroid haha. I love it

wow so much fun! haha

nooooo I donno how to run it. I got py game but it still does not work?

amazing controls colors and physicssss

Love the sound design too lol.

hahaha I love it  XD I died spectacularly  

hahaha I love it!!!! love the time limit and the block limits :D

Thank you! :D

Hello Megarev!! Thank you for playing my game! I am glad you found a bug! I have fixed it up now haha. Thank you very much for your encouragement! :P

it looks so cute! looking forward to playing it lolol

Hello Geckoo1337! thank you for playing it and providing your review! :) 

I am sorry it was confusing. I will try to make a more thorough explanation and other changes!

Thank you! :D

yyaaay here wegoo

not a virus

goota hit and back up. like a ninja

Rustlang coool!