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Gotta agree with the others on this one. This is one sick and scary game! Good work.

Nah man, its good :D

This is great! Nice little weather simulator, Great art too!
Good job.

Awesome game! I really like how much content is there in the game, there's a ton of stuff in there.
The art style & sound design all just work out.
Great job!

Superb game! The sound design is on point!
Looking at the planet from a top view looks pretty nice especially growing foliage.
Nice work!

A super cute game! Nice art & sounds.
You did quite well for your first platformer.
Good job.

Its a nice cinema type of game :D
The cellular automaton looks cool!
Great Work!

Very cool ideas in there! Great art style.
I think there's a bug, if you press 2 arrow keys at once and then try to change seasons, it doesn't seem to change. If its intentional, then its a neat way to make the game challenging :P.
Good work!

Awesome game! The artstyle & sound design are very good.
I think most of the gameplay lies in knowing the linux commands, not having used linux is a problem. Might help if you include those commands and how to use them in the manual :D.
Great submission.

Superb game! The artstyle & sound design is quite good.
One issue though is that there is way too much friction between the ball and the ground, might want to play around with a bit.
Great submission regardless!

Awesome idea, the selection of different instruments and the frequency is quite nice.
Good work!

Thanks for the suggestions. The A & D keys rotating like that was experimental, I wanted to see how it feels to have flipped controls. The paddle bounce is very simple at the moment, so definitely can add on to that!

Thanks for the feedback! Yeah the ball does get stuck when the vertical velocity is too low. Is that what you were saying? In which case yeah, you'd have to just refresh the page :(.

Ah those so the buttons indicate what all is mixed into a bucket. Gotcha.

Nice story telling! The sound design & art style is good.
I kind of found it difficult to understand how exactly the game works but you seemed to get it all first try. What exactly is the trick or want to keep it for the user to understand? :D
Great submission though!

Its an interesting game where you get to explore places. The art style & sounds are good!
It is a bit buggy though, when you press enter when the prompt is open, the textbox gets stuck.
Good job!

Cool game! The way the colors work together is so calming.
I think some sounds in there would be nice.
Great submission!

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Pretty cool idea! The artstyle is sweet & simple.
I had a bit of trouble figuring out the controls though, like I get how to place sand & wood. 
But getting a castle was tough, I seemed to get it when I just spammed the buttons.
Good job regardless!

Pretty nice game, this genre is always fun. The artstyle is good!
I struggled getting past the dragons, it gets way too tough at this point.
Great submission!

Ah, thats a good idea. I think but for this the player would need more visual cues to understand how the ball would move due to wind. I'll think about this one. Thanks!

Thanks for the feedback man, really appreciate it! :D

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Oh Ok, probably might want to make that clear.

Cool app! The dynamic lighting is convincing & looks realistic.
I think sounds would be nice in there to add. The graphics are calming.
Great submission.

Cool game! I think the graphics are pretty good.
At this point I think you can try adding sounds in there. Is the seed selling system complete? Because the orders that come don't seem to go up. Good job for the efforts.

Sick game! The art style is simple & sweet.
It needs sounds now. I tried out the level editor, its robust, though it wasn't clear to me what fine-tuned editing meant. Great submission regardless.

Ah so, the player wraps around?

Clever idea! Joining the classics with the theme is a good idea.
You can also try adding some lightning clouds in there to diversify the clouds, but overall great submission.

Cute game! The art style is very calming. Good job.

Classic! The only complain I have the procedural generation seems to place the clouds at a place which is a bit impossible for the player to reach.
Great work though!

Its raining alright! You could just put some relaxing music over it for the icing on the cake!

The lightning effect is sick!
I still think the player can use some acceleration. Also you can make the player bounce off walls to make it more dynamic. Great job on the SFX.

A very cool idea. The colors go well together!
Good job.

Super cute bunny... Chill game.
I like the bunny hop a lot :D

Thanks for the insights!
I'll try my best to resolve some of the issues!

Thanks for the feedback :)
For copying and pasting, you should first select the polygon and press C to copy and R to remove a polygon (A small box on bottom-right shows up when you select a polygon :D)

Thanks :)
Its a custom 3D engine written in PGE

Thanks :)

Thanks :)

The dialogues are sick, very good visuals and audio
I've noticed some artefacts like a black line from the top to the bottom, is that intentional or errors due to floating point?
Good Work!

Very cool concept, the visuals and audio are very nice as well
Good Work!