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That was fun! :D

Couldn't find all the clues for the box, but I managed to brute-force the combo.  Also would've been nice to have a skip dialogue option for things you've heard before (eg bookshelves).

Art is SUPER CUTE, and I noticed in the notes it only took you five weeks?  Damn, I am IMPRESSED, that is a serious level of polish for that kind of timeframe!

Just watched someone play, and holy crap I LOVE the smoke animation, it's amazing!  Major props to your animator(s)!  The rest of the graphics are also really nice, but I could stare at that smoke for ages, it's just. So great.

Pretty sure this is on my wishlist already on Steam, since I played the old demo, but I'mma check and add it if I forgot.  (I'd buy it now but alas I am broke.  So all I can do is remind myself to buy it when I DO have money, haha.)

Okay that was super fun yessss :D

YESSSSSS it's OUT!!! :D :D :D

Oh huh, clearly I didn't think of that!  I actually found the click controls a little hard.  Not sure why, but yeah.  (I kept trying to right-click people to interact even once you told me what I had to do orz ;;)

Anyway, I finally played it tonight!  I had some trouble with the Angry Badger, but other than that, super fun!  :D :D :D (I'm sad we don't get to interact with the lanterns, though, I spent.  Um.  A fair amount of time trying to find a way to get Sosig to climb up and poke them, that would've been a disaster and a half but yeaaah.)

Tooki, I can't figure out how to interact with things ;;  I click'm and nothing happens!  :( :( :(  Running Win7, if that helps?

Ahh, this is fun!

I found a bug with level 7 - if you just move a not'tribble next to the other one, it counts it as 0 moves and you can't pass the level. :( Took me a few goes to figure out I needed to move one halfway, so it'd count as 1 move.

Ahh, this was super fun! :D

*nodnod* Yeah, that'd definitely help! :D

The best detective, it is him. No need to call the coppers!!

Ahhhhh that was so fun! :D

Though I really don't feel like the ending is actually an ending, TOO MANY QUESTIONS oh man. :( :( :( But I'm SUPER EXCITED to see more, yaaaaaaas!!! *happywriggle* Are we going to find out what's in the diary eventually? I hope so. :x

Favourite bit is definitely Sosig the l33t haxxor, just. |D |D |D |D |D The Investigate!! bits are super cute too, just. Wow what a professional investigation. NOT DUBIOUS A T A L L.

Min's squeaking is super cute at first, but it gets kinda difficult to keep listening to if she has a lot of lines all at once. :/ But!! I super love how all the characters have super distinctive voices! And the little nameplate things are so cute! :x :x :x

Well, you know, youtube was being so much of a butt it was just easier to get a brand new email... And if I make games eventually (hopefully!! but omg so many things I wanna do!) it'll be a good name for that, too. So yes. *sparkles!!*

(Also guess who forgot to check this particular email, just used it for logging into youtube. Guess. BUT HEY at least now I know there're Chook&Sosig let's plays! I will watch them when it's not 2am, yes. :D)

Have found 4 endings so far! A+++ most ridiculous visual novel ever. (Also dragon stained glass looks EVEN BETTER THAN I IMAGINED yaaaaay.) (Yup it me, hi!)