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Have found 4 endings so far! A+++ most ridiculous visual novel ever. (Also dragon stained glass looks EVEN BETTER THAN I IMAGINED yaaaaay.) (Yup it me, hi!)

'Nootybloops' is a good incognito persona for you, you are a top undercover agent. Also you are too kind to me :D

Well, you know, youtube was being so much of a butt it was just easier to get a brand new email... And if I make games eventually (hopefully!! but omg so many things I wanna do!) it'll be a good name for that, too. So yes. *sparkles!!*

(Also guess who forgot to check this particular email, just used it for logging into youtube. Guess. BUT HEY at least now I know there're Chook&Sosig let's plays! I will watch them when it's not 2am, yes. :D)