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Ahhhhh that was so fun! :D

Though I really don't feel like the ending is actually an ending, TOO MANY QUESTIONS oh man. :( :( :( But I'm SUPER EXCITED to see more, yaaaaaaas!!! *happywriggle* Are we going to find out what's in the diary eventually? I hope so. :x

Favourite bit is definitely Sosig the l33t haxxor, just. |D |D |D |D |D The Investigate!! bits are super cute too, just. Wow what a professional investigation. NOT DUBIOUS A T A L L.

Min's squeaking is super cute at first, but it gets kinda difficult to keep listening to if she has a lot of lines all at once. :/ But!! I super love how all the characters have super distinctive voices! And the little nameplate things are so cute! :x :x :x

Oh man, I know what you mean about Mins voice, I tested this through many times and can hear her squeaks still haunting me. I think I need to slightly lower her volume and mix another less 'EEEEEK!' sound in which she can make as part of her speech sounds. Thankyou so much for the feedback Nooty :D

Sosig is a highly trained pro detective and is great at preserving all evidence and crime-scenes.

*nodnod* Yeah, that'd definitely help! :D

The best detective, it is him. No need to call the coppers!!