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I'm late to the party and I don't know if you've fixed this in the newest Patreon version. I encountered this when I confronted the Flower Fairy:

There was a welcomed bug/glitch that I encountered, but don't know how to replicate: infinate energy on day 2. I'd show the screenshot, but the file size is too big for itch.

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Game crashed. Had dragon prodegy, Dersert Princess, and Goblin Princess in the camp. I chose "leave" after a round of sex. I also had auto save on.

As someone who's bad at survival horror, I only found 3 disinfects before the game became too difficult for me to proceed.  I got up to  "Boat needs feul" and "Find medicine at the hospitol" quests.

I traded a beer for pistol ammo and got nothing. I know this is a demo, so I don't know if this is a bug or it's  just incomplete.

How do I turn on the power for the elevator and bar, or are they still under development?

I don't know if this is a bug or not. I keep on getting game overs and having to start new games. I tried not skipping to day 3, but the keys don't reset while I retain all of my fuses and cables from the previous save. I skip to day 3, and the nearest locations keep spreading out with each new game until it gets as bad as this (see image). Even if I go to the nearest location, I can't make it back before 23:00.

Update: I figured out I needed to download from an actual internet explorer, and not through itch.

I'm in the middle of the game, so forgive me if I discover the answer to my own question later on. Do you plan to add a New Game+ to CbDE? I find the grind to level up and learn the nessessary skills for events, to be tedious. In chapter 1, I ran out of rocks mine and enemies to fight; and just did a lot of End Day and train to reach level 10.

I'm unable to get the 5a update.

During battle, some skill descriptions (especially the stats) get cut off no matter the window size.

I figured out the IR glasses part by myself and I've completed the game with no other issues. Thank you for taking the time to look into these issues.

I just started and I just ran into an issue. After talking leaving the bar a second time and talking to Naomi, the game semi froze. I could hear the music and the menu being brought up, but the image is frozen.

I'm in The United States and I've been playing the game off and on. I have a couple issues.

This has been popping up every time I launch the game (I don't know what it says):

The game was working fine so I ignored it until recently.

And the game crashes when I approach the girls in the VIP room:

Got knocked back against the wall and then stomped through the floor during the boss fight.

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Correction: Aquiring eggs in general leads to this kind of crash:

There's another issue that I've encountered, one that was in the previous version. I don't know how this is triggered, but here is the result.

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I know there was a hot fix, but I ran into a couple issues. I also started a new game so both issues are in the dungeon.

1: After a successful seduction and sex scene a D cup Kalyskah has constaint swaying breasts. (Pendulum Breasts, for a colorful visual)

2: In the sewers, first enemy on the right. After a defeat and failed roll. He was standing on the curve of the tunnel. I did a stealth bite, got stuck, jumped and fell through the map.


I've already brought this up in "known issues" last month, but now I can clarrify what I meant. I'm still unable to get the "knotted" ending with the Q Goddess fight. I'm using the non-Patreon version by the way.

I don't mean to sound petty and rude but; do you have any plans to update the demo, or releasing a public, non-Patreon version in the near future? Sorry, I stubbornly prefer the "one and done" method of paying.

I can't support you on Patreon, but I can give you a couple donations. I'm on a budget and prefer the "one and done" method of paying. Keep up the good work.

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Just for laughs, I tried to seduce the Quetzal Goddess through out the battle but it did nothing. I don't know if this is a bug or not.

Edit: I saw there was a "knotted" outcome listed and I tried to go for that.

There are a few issues.

First, sometimes in dialogue, dialogue stops and semi-freezes the game.

Second, I can do a manual save in the town. But when I load it, I'm back to the last manual save in the dungeon.

Third (maybe), I sometimes don't get a "Sorcery" option when I lose to an enemy.

Fourth, when I try to sex with NPC in town, this happens: (screenshot's file is too big to upload here) Kalyskah and NPC occupy the same space durring the sex game.

I'm new to the game, downloaded it today, so I don't know if these issues are news to you or not.

First, the skeleton key breaks after the first door. I found out later that I keep my existing inventory when I start a new game; and I used that as a work around.

Second, after successfully seducing an enemy, and winning the sex game, they become hostile gain when I walk in front of them.

Third, even loading/continuing is treated as a new game. I even got to the town outside, saved and exited. When I came back, I'm back to the very beginning.

That said, I'm still interested in the game.

I read your Patreon post. I'm unable to become a Patreon, but I'm not against one-and-done purchases.

By the way, I already made a small donation to Seed of Chaos about a year ago. I'm willing to do the same with your other games.

I agree. An example, it would be nice that Silks And Smiles has the description: upgrades Tavern and Brothel.

Then again, I understand flushing out the story first and then fine tuning the mechanics of the game.

As far as I know, completing the first quest is half of the trigger. And then it's either losing a battle or exiting the game that completly triggers the bug.

Another mis-matched dialogue pic.

Just a minor detail: Rowan without his amulet.

I know this is a demo, so this might not be a bug, but I thought I should point this out. I completed the first quest, went back into the forest and lost. I exited the game, came back and now I cannot enter the forest. I click on the icon, but nothing happens.

I might be wrong, but I think the villages are bugged. Most of the time I don't get the options of to trade, to occupy, or to destroy. I enter a village and then Rowan watches the attack from a hill.

In my current playthrough, a fully built castle, minus the arena, cannot be supported by 1 ocuppied village and 1 trading village without me adding to the treasury.

I have this problem with every update.

Teach or Chat. It's a game breaking glitch that comes out of nowhere. 

I keep getting stuck about half way through training the second slave. The screen semi freezes: I can move the mouse icon, and interact with an invisible menue. I can select back to castle, but I remain in slave training.

I'm not sure where to submit mistakes I've found in the game. I'm positive that Juliet is peaking her father's line. Keep up the good work.

This came up near the end of the third wife and succubus threesome.

Right after completing Emily's quest (buying her sister), she approached with the "buy the pendant" random event. I didn't have the funds and was forced to decline (or was it deny), and I felt like a dick afterwards. It would've been nice to have the option to say, "I'm sorry Emily, maybe next time;" instead of just, "You are not worthy to have it." I'm positive I'm butchering that line. 

It automatically exited the game, no warnings or messages. It was a customized beginning at Wimborn and a Quest Completed game.  I only had all recruitable NPCs, except Mellisa. The only recuitable NPCs not part of the orgy were Emily and Adya. That's about all I know. I don't know if that's helpful or not.