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I don't mean to sound rude, but do you have an idea when the nest update on itch will be?

This came up after the -Is Cyberia trying to break the ice or just attract attention?-

Same issue

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Forgive me for being late to this party. I wouldn't mind seeing the succubus and demoness in a future game. I'm also a fan of the sci fi/fantasy genre (it would be interesting if you could combine the two). Good luck.

Edit: For a possible improvement (if it's going to be basically Crazy Tales 2) is to be able to sell/refund excess max level cards.

At first I've been reluctant about reporting this bug (I'm mostly positive it is), but now I'm stuck on "gather rare event cards" for this event. I'm being rewarded cards for the next event instead of cards for this current event.

Bug: 12:00 pm Pacific time. When I click "World" on Campaign, it only shows a blank screen.

Bug/Glitch: I can't open the map in the new house. I press the map icon, but it only brings me back to the bedroom.

I have one little gripe about the game: not being able to load non-quick save files. (I got this screen by right clicking on the mouse) I don't know if you plan to update and add this quality of life feature to the game, or with your future games. (Apologies, I've been drinking and I'm having trouble finding the words without sounding like an asshole).

Ich habe einen kleinen Kritikpunkt über das Spiel: Nicht in der Lage zu sein, Nicht-Schnellspeicherdateien zu laden. (Ich habe diesen Bildschirm durch Rechtsklick mit der Maus aufgerufen) Ich weiß nicht, ob Sie planen, diese Lebensqualitätsfunktion zu aktualisieren und dem Spiel oder mit Ihren zukünftigen Spielen hinzuzufügen. (Entschuldigung, ich habe getrunken und habe Probleme, die Worte zu finden, ohne wie ein Arschloch zu klingen)

Already did that.

I believe the word you want is "possessed" not "obsessed" I'm liking the game so far.

I got the divine coin, I was at the "Bring your best" part of the quest, and chose "leave" because I forgot to bring my best. I returned and now I can't complete the quest. I think I know what the problem is: my character was from an older version of the game.

Any idea when the next Steam update will be?

Possible Steam release?

I've seen week one on Steam. If/When week two is released: will it be patched into week one or sold as a bundled with week one? Also (if separately as a bundle), possible pre-order for week three?

This is an old, reoccurring, non game breaking issue that's been going on for over half a year (public build): warlock doesn't unlock in pervert.

Any idea when Areas of Gray will be available on Steam?

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I started playing the game a couple versions ago (0.4.6 from itch). I don't use the melee very often (ignored it in the previous update), I'm sticking with my second play through as an evil character (first play through as good). Also I love to use the skip button and I don't know if I'm just being a bone head (overlooking and forgetting the part where this is only available in a good character). This:

Lead to "You don't have a weapon yet" message.

Bug: I lost the non summoning melee abilities when playing from old saves.

I hate to sound petty, but I found a few mistakes on the Steam version.

See through hood (Beggar's ally)

 Beggar speaking Rowan's line (at least that's how I interpret it)

"Hair through his hair"

And "effec;t"

That's it and keep up the good work.

Any idea when the next area will be released?

Around day 60, the game becomes glitchy. From a new game, at 59 it crashed and near the end of 60 it froze.

Any idea on when the next public update for itch will be? By the way, I'm willing to buy the game through itch.

I'm near the end of an evil route and I'm really, really bad at dodging games. Another game with dodging elements, Lustfall, gives the option to skip that section when failing X amount of times. Is it possible to have this option, or would it be fringing on plagiarism with another's work?

How do I enter the town of Lust?

Where? I've tried interacting with the round tables and nothing happened.

(MINOR SPOILER: I found out later after posting my question that there is a blackjack game against the succubus. I don't know if this is what you are referring to.)

This time I found a horse and wagon bug.

I have a simple question and a suggestion; would cards (blackjack/poker) in the Fallholt Casino be too much for the game?

I'm unable to get harem points. I don't know if this is a bug or a Patreon exclusive.

Thank you.

Any idea on when the next public, non Steam version will be released?

I'm unable to download/install through itch. I hit "install" but nothing happens.

I'm late to the party and I don't know if you've fixed this in the newest Patreon version. I encountered this when I confronted the Flower Fairy:

There was a welcomed bug/glitch that I encountered, but don't know how to replicate: infinate energy on day 2. I'd show the screenshot, but the file size is too big for itch.

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Game crashed. Had dragon prodegy, Dersert Princess, and Goblin Princess in the camp. I chose "leave" after a round of sex. I also had auto save on.

As someone who's bad at survival horror, I only found 3 disinfects before the game became too difficult for me to proceed.  I got up to  "Boat needs feul" and "Find medicine at the hospitol" quests.

I traded a beer for pistol ammo and got nothing. I know this is a demo, so I don't know if this is a bug or it's  just incomplete.

How do I turn on the power for the elevator and bar, or are they still under development?

I don't know if this is a bug or not. I keep on getting game overs and having to start new games. I tried not skipping to day 3, but the keys don't reset while I retain all of my fuses and cables from the previous save. I skip to day 3, and the nearest locations keep spreading out with each new game until it gets as bad as this (see image). Even if I go to the nearest location, I can't make it back before 23:00.

Update: I figured out I needed to download from an actual internet explorer, and not through itch.