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I might be wrong, but I think the villages are bugged. Most of the time I don't get the options of to trade, to occupy, or to destroy. I enter a village and then Rowan watches the attack from a hill.

In my current playthrough, a fully built castle, minus the arena, cannot be supported by 1 ocuppied village and 1 trading village without me adding to the treasury.

I have this problem with every update.

Teach or Chat. It's a game breaking glitch that comes out of nowhere. 

I keep getting stuck about half way through training the second slave. The screen semi freezes: I can move the mouse icon, and interact with an invisible menue. I can select back to castle, but I remain in slave training.

I'm not sure where to submit mistakes I've found in the game. I'm positive that Juliet is peaking her father's line. Keep up the good work.

This came up near the end of the third wife and succubus threesome.

Right after completing Emily's quest (buying her sister), she approached with the "buy the pendant" random event. I didn't have the funds and was forced to decline (or was it deny), and I felt like a dick afterwards. It would've been nice to have the option to say, "I'm sorry Emily, maybe next time;" instead of just, "You are not worthy to have it." I'm positive I'm butchering that line. 

It automatically exited the game, no warnings or messages. It was a customized beginning at Wimborn and a Quest Completed game.  I only had all recruitable NPCs, except Mellisa. The only recuitable NPCs not part of the orgy were Emily and Adya. That's about all I know. I don't know if that's helpful or not.

Version 0.5.18d

Windows 10.

I did an orgy with all of my servants. A couple game days later, got the message that a servant was pregnant (along with many others) and then the game crashed.

Version 0.5.15 - Version 0.5.16 (I created a new game shortly before the recent public update)

Windows 10. With itch.

The game semi freezes after the final fight. After being appointed as the new head master, nothing else happens. I can move the courser around, but I cannot move on.

This is also the first time I've completed the story.

This game's no longer available for Windows on itch? Is this a bug because of the rebranding?


I reinstalled the game and it works, this was long before I read your reply.

As for my saved files, I'm gonna need a step by step guide. So far I've only been updating from itch.

I ran into a major glitch/bug after the update: I'm only launching into the Progeny Simulator. I'm finding this more anoying than having my saves deleted after each update.