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Thanks. I'm working on wasd controls for local deathmacth modes.

Please write bug complaints here. Thanks.


You did the majority of the art.

I like the music, the gameplay felt a little rough, I didn't get a tutorial on attacking enemies, but otherwise, good submission!

Definitely interesting (And addicting) take on the theme. I would pay for a Steam release with bigger maps, multiplayer, and different arenas!

Thanks a ton!

Thanks for playing!

I do

Sounds like those steam bot reviews

No problem!

I like the sound of this. I use GDevelop, a open source Visual Scripting engine. For music I use something more simplified like Chrome Music lab, and for Sound effects I use BFXR. I use Piskel for art, but I'm getting Aseprite soon.

Yeah, I noticed. The source code is sadly lost to time. Nothing I can do about it. Sorry


True. my last couple games were pretty short too

Great job finishing!

What was the rage quit like? Did you smash your keyboard? Punch your monitor?  Delete your existence?

Thanks for playing!

Thank you!

That is on purpose. I like hard games! Ever play Dark Souls?

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Thank you!

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I'm gonna divide this review into category's 

- The music, ohoho, the music. I love how the song adapts as you kick down doors, super dope, who composed it.

-The gameplay is pretty simple, but kind of tough. Enemies do a lot of damage, forcing you to stay on your feet.

-The graphics are cartoony and fun, despite frog gangster things attacking you from everywhere.

- The level design is pretty good, but sometimes when I kick down a door, it blocks my character from progressing. Please fix.

overall, a 8/10 for me!

Awesome to hear from you!

Thanks so much for your feedback!

It's sort of like a puzzle, you have to time it. Other than that, thanks!

Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot!



Well done. Killer soundtrack!

I didn't mean to submit this. I accidently clicked the wrong game. This is my game here

really cool concept, would like to see it as a commercial game