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too hard i couldn't make the jump into the penis room :(

very nice puzzle game

although level 5 won't complete even with all 3 holes connected, which i could play the rest

very fun game

i played a visual novel and enjoyed, my reality is falling apart

very cool game. i would suggest making the timer larger and clearer though, i spent like a minute not understanding why i was dying because i didn't see it. but i had a lot of fun, nice job


it doesn't load for me :(


there's no jump buffering or coyote so the controls are kind of bad when  you're on the ground, i'll probably fix it in a post jam version

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i've been using this for my game, very nice program. i really like how it you can have two tools selected at the same time with the left and right mouse buttons. i do have some suggestions however:

  1. it would be really nice to be able to click and drag frames around on the timeline (even better if you could also select multiple frames by shift clicking). working with animations longer a few frames feels quite unwieldy right now. 
  2. i wish there was an option to sync options between both the left and right tools (mirroring, pixel perfect, size, etc).
  3. it would be useful if the pixel indicator was mirrored so you can get a better sense of the symmetry

also, is there some sort of development timeline somewhere for future planned features?

awesome game

good game

very cool and fun game

that is all