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Pretty nice.

Perhaps you would consider remapping the keys so that the shoot key does not restart the game, I have missed reading my final score several times because of that. Also would be nice if you could shoot fast by holding down the shoot key, fast tapping gets old quickly.

You are welcome. Feel free to provide some of your own.

Well, some of the obstacles can be destroyed, how would I get past here:

without dumping into the hole and taking damage? Also there is a room with 3 cogs that either require some mad precision or 1 heart of damage to get through.

I have played a bunch of games now, which makes me an ideal candidate for writing reviews / comment on these games. Here goes:


Looks intriguing, with simple but nice illustrations. Unfortunately the gameplay is kind of shallow, the game is almost entirely random, and it is rarely hard to make the right choice of card.

The Ninja's Garden

This is an odd game, it has some bugs and oddities, there is exactly 1 sort of hard segment, and then some odd places that I don't think it is possible to get through without taking damage. But there is something intriguing about this treasure hunt. This game has some speed-running potential.


Simple shooter, somehow much more difficult than it looks, though maybe not if you are actually good at this kind of thing, I wouldn't know. Overall a nice game for a short while.


How can it be that one does not shoot using the space bar in this game? (Get it?) Good beginnings for a bullet hell, and it is actually completable, though it is easy to miss that if you are too busy mashing X.

Christmas Woes

This is a weird dream in text adventure form, pretty easy to complete, but most of all just weird.


A game where you as a small bird try to match big falling boxes and make them disappear, or if you are crazy, try to make them stay. Unfortunately the bird doesn't have a lot pushing power, so the boxes kinda just fall where they fall whatever you do. Such a shame, this would probably be a fun a challenge given a bit more agency.

tiny terrarium

A crude simulation of sand, a complicated interface but a very pedestrian simulation. Are you not entertained? (I'm not.)

Alpha Centauri

Are longing for the days when screen-savers were cool? Then look no further, this is for you. The rest of us might get a bit bored.

Rocket Repair

Wheeee physics! It is kind of repetitive, and not very hard, but what is that against the sheer joy of launching something up, and watching it come down again? What you hit is mostly luck, but still, this could work for speed-running.

You Beat The Game

This game has exactly 1 joke, and it is not particularly funny. It also doesn't have anything beyond that joke.

AA Gun: Mission Quest

Wow, what a spark of creative genius! A phenomenal gameplay experience with a deep story and stunning graphics. This is a must play!

Thanks! I wonder how many people will get it?