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No problem ! Keep working, your games are really good !

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Here's a little speedrun of ur game ^^

thanks !


Nice little game ! really like the plot twist !

Hi, first of all gg , it's a really good game. The art is great, physics works, the sound is correct. The only thing that sound strange is the use of blue orbs : when you have an obstacle , you now you just have to press one time F to pass the problem, you don't need to really think, if it don't work , just press F one time. If we could choose the form we wan't it will be better i think.
Oh and by the way , the level design is good too, especially the one when you unlock the squirel.

Hey ! Nice one !

Love the animations ! nice one !

Wow this one is cool ! like this one !

Really smart , good job !

Nice one !

Love this one ! You can make a fully mobile game !

Great one too ! But why it reminds me Super Hexagon ! xD, really thanks for bringing me back memories of that game ! Like your style , simple but good, the gameplay is nice too , good job man !

Sooo strange m but like it!Visuals are interesting ! Sound is ... meh. But the gameplay is good , really !

Really love this one !

nice one

Great game ! Had trouble to run this game on firefox but it's ok.

Thanks ! Yeah the demonic form is always the problem xD, controlling the directikn witht he mouse is a great idea ! I take note ! And the menu for the tutorial is a good idea too ! thanks for playing and rating my game again ! ( I will test yours soon !)

I like this one ! But the start is really hard , like the first wall is really near the player at the very start xD ! Nice one !

Great one, good visuals ! The only problem is : it's really long to switch between forms, but the rest is good ! Hope you will add more levels !

I feel bad to rate this one with only one stars , so I put 2 stars on visual experience for the image and2 stars for the creativity for the story ^^

Reqlly like it. The gameplay is really well-thought ! Synergies between the 3 forms are greats ! Nice job ! Controls are hard to learn and a bit strange but that's not a real problem !

I finally played this game, and it was great. Great visuals , easy too learn, but not really hard to master : I made 14 878 on my second game, and it was really long , that's the only problem. The rest is great ! Hope you will update it !

Fun ,Fast, , Physics is fun ! I like it !!!

Thanks ! Your right the fight system isn’t really great. I will update this game and add few animation for these bad guys !

Really like the coop part ! It's really great ! But the audio , omg this audio xD so funny

nice art work ! nice idea too

Great game , the most underrated of the jam ! Want to see more level !

thanks a lot !

Thanks so much <3

I played your game ! It was great , it's a little laggy ( but I think it's because my computer is not really great ^^ ) , I like the disguise mecanics , but it's hard to transform because there is a lot of people in one room. Keep up the good work!

Thanks so much ! I will add some feature , some more levels , new mechanics and a lot of things ! ( mostly patching bugs too XD ).
How you will play it in the future. Thanks again so much !

Yeah I understand , I will try to improve the tutorial level.
Thanks for the reply !

Great Game ! The only thing that is a little annoying is we don't what will be the next piece comming. Like you want an horizontale line for the key but you don't know if it will be the next piece. Maybe add something like Tetris where you can see the next piece.
I spend a lot of time on that game ( I made 24 ! ) Hope you will keep working on it !

It's a good game , evolving system is a great idea !

Really fun, the mechanics are goods , I really enjoy

It's a cool game , maybe if it was more faster it could be really great

really funny game , hard but I really enjoy it :)

Oh ,thank you so much ^^

Thanks , yes i know the animation for the jump is too long ^^