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Doesn't quite teach the player to be ready for the final level in time, didn't really make me that anxious during play, but had a cool concept and employed features that supported that core idea well.

The premise was decent, but the levels were uninspired and didn't bring anything new/interesting to the table or any original takes on a ruleset like this. It's pretty much always press a few buttons in order and maybe there's a sneaky way to skip one.

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Half-baked version of its predecessors. The guns feel weak, the movement feels boring, and even worse it's buggy. While you're at it, just remove the weird floating ghost skulls, they're just annoying.

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A very funny point and click murder mystery. I wish the game was less linear in its puzzles, I know it is meant to replicate classic games but more options and allowance to come up with your own theories and pursue your own paths never hurts in murder mystery games. I also got stuck on the rose-bud part and there was no apparent way through. Also, it could do with some voice acting to tie it all together, give the characters that extra bit of pizzazz and all.

The skill required for resource management contrasted by randomization can make the game kinda meh. I wish the game either lessened out on the intensive levels of resource management and took it more into having fun just building ships or took out some of the randomization, because it takes skill to get anywhere, but it takes even more luck.

The double jump feels quite a lot better now, thank you! This game feels so beautiful, I wish you well on its further development. Might I suggest active playtesting, gauging player response as they go and the likes.

The whole key to the trunk thing made no sense and left me quite lost. An indicator to connect a golden key to a golden lock maybe would make more sense, and the ending felt a bit... dull? It was all a big buildup to an okay climax. The game, despite having the crappy graphics aesthetic (which I do love) runs a bit poor.

This game is so close to being good. The game place takes on floating islands, where if you fall off you get your progress set back a rather decent bit, and yet you give the character close to 0 air control. If you were to give the character higher air control, and the ability for a double jump to completely reset velocity if it's going the opposite direction, the platforming would feel as smooth as the combat. The double jump thing is mostly because if you kick enemies, a wall, or even jump off a slant you can get thrown in a random direction for no apparent reason, and it's irritating to deal with that when you could have the ability to do a guaranteed recovery.

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Hello! I love your content and was wondering if I could use the spell list in Sepulchre for my own inspired Stealth TTRPG system named Tenebris. I have no intent of making money off of it, just sharing it with my friends (and possibly as a free PDF, uncertain). Thank you!

Amazing game! Knife can be a bit buggy when retrieving it, but otherwise spectacular all around!

Did you mean "ahuevo putos"?

The RAR file fails half way through extraction every time I try to extract it. Please fix.

Sounds like you're just getting very unlucky, and on a side note chances are monsters and traps aided in your starvation based death by lowering your health.

Looks amazing! Might want to do some spellchecks here and there, I saw some typos, but otherwise it's a fun little bit of inspiration! I'd love to see further issues of this.

I agree with watabou in this situation, the game is set in a dungeon, something meant to kill you, and if it wasn't harsh whatsoever it doesn't feel very dungeon-y. Anyways, yes, there is strategy involved with the hunger system as you have to manage what you want to take on to the next level of the dungeon, such as you could take that charm card or glaive, but instead it might be a better choice to stack up on food lying about in case there is a lack of it ahead.