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Thank you :) I definitely need to make some introduction screen for my next gamejam! Not sure everyone noticed they could use HUJK to roll and control the speed.

Thank you :) I have drawn the title screen art myself, it was a lot of fun :)

As for now, this is indeed the only way to get rid of the weed: you basically shoot at the planet and because the weed moves so fast, it will get under your fire. One thing that is not intentional is how easy the "impossible mode" is. I changed a parameter last minutes to make the weed more visible but it made the "impossible mode" too easy.

In the original plan, the head of the weed would sometimes spawn some sort of buds on the planets  in addition to the spikes. You can see these buds in the art of the title screen, actually; they look like glowing strawberries. The head would have had more health, and move slowly at first. Then the more the head spawns buds, the quicker it moves, the harder it gets to kill and the faster it conquers planets. Also some buds would fire stuffs at you. So in the original plan, you would have needed to keep the number of buds low, so that you can slow down the spread of the plant and attack it. Unfortunately, I had to scrap this part of the plan.

Hopefully I will find some time after the votes to implement the original idea :)

Thank you for your feedback, I am very happy that you like the look of the game!

I was also thinking of a way to tie the shooting ray to the center of the screen and allow mouse control. A bit like in Starlink: Battle for Atlas. I think the trick is to have the player control the camera rather than the spaceship. Basically the spaceship would be attached to the camera and fake being piloted.

I wanted to make the plant blink in red when you shoot it, but I could not find a way to animate the color of the mesh.

Hopefully I will have some time after the votes to improve parts of the game :)

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The gamepad I am using is an official PS4 controller connected by bluetooth. I tried it with Steam and a game I've made in Unity and it worked. Then I tried it in Godot, with the game I've made for this game jam, and it did not work. So I think that it is a problem with Godot rather than a problem with your game :) I will check if a similar issue was reported on their Github.

Probably the best game I've played tonight :D very nice idea with new mechanics appearing with the different levels; it feels like a complete game!

very nice and relaxing game :D

I like the idea of breaking things with bombs and being able to play with friends :D but I could not play with my PS4 controller, I had to play with the keyboard :( 

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Very nice animation of this little robot :) it feels very cute! I was unable to water the plant even when I still had water in my bucket though.  I've found how to water the plant!! :D

The game is very polished and the idea is very fun :) my only suggestions would be to maybe add a winning condition and make the cursor/reticule bigger.

There is a lot of potential in this game :D very original idea! It would have been nice to be able to play with a gamepad so we can move in all directions and aim with the sword. Also, the game is very dark :) maybe use a shade of blue to represent the night rather than using black? Or maybe you can add some lanterns!

Anyway, well done on your first GWJ!

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yeah, that's what I was worried about, I changed a parameter on the growth of the plant last minute so we can see it better, but it broke the difficulty. I will have to wait after the votes to rectify that.

Thank you very much! It is very nice to hear that you enjoyed the game so much :) !
Did you beat the impossible mode btw? I'm wondering if I should have made it harder.

Nice to hear you liked our game!
To run out of oregano on the first run is actually what we intended the player to experience :) If we find some time to update the game, we would like to make the enemies more offensive, so that it is a bit more challenging to save the oregano for the boss. At the moment, you can easily walk to the boss almost without shooting once.
Yes, this trick you found is something we would like to correct, as the real pattern to beat the boss is to go hide behind the tree that is on the opposite side of his first movement. If we get some time to update the game, we would make the direction random (for now the boss always goes to the left), with an tiny animation  (a telegraph?) that indicates which direction the boss will go.

Thanks! We are definitely up for another game jam, it was a lot of fun ! 

thank you ! it was the first time I used the Godot's animation system, it was pretty neat!

haha yes :) the sound effects are not very amazing, and we did not have time to include all the sounds we recorded. We did them ourselves using our mouth and piece of furniture! We definitely needed a music composer too, as none of us can put two notes together!
Not sure how to solve the chaotic soundscape though as it corresponds to the amount of bullets being fired...

very nice! Original and engaging, easy to follow :)

Really fun and original game :) The puzzles and level designs were great, well done!!

For the bugs,  you can use Spacebar to shoot or simply avoid them. For the boss, there is a little trick to find based on his pattern :)

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I made it with my partner, who never programmed a game before, so I was really proud we made it to having playable game :) 

Very good level design! and very relaxing :)

kept me engaged until the end :P I had a good laugh

We really enjoyed the game! very good atmosphere (music/graphics). In terms of improvements, I'm just thinking that the head of the main character could bounce up and down a bit when she is running. 

The game is very excellent! I really like the idea, it is simple and very fun. The graphics and animation are excellent too, and the death animation/sound made us laugh a lot :) 

Only things is that the level with the red head is very difficult! I feel that it either needs that you make that jump easier or that there are unlimited lives (so that the player can try 100 times in a row!).

I can't run the game on Windows 10; nothing happens when I click on the .exe

So, it turned out that the game was not working because of an upper/lower case issue (Godot and Git kept disagreeing about a filename we renamed), so we corrected the issue and we uploaded a HTML version instead of the .exe.

We did not change the game in any way, except from changing that lower case l to a upper case L which made the trees/larva crashes in the build.

I hope this is okay!

Ok, so turns out that the original submission was broken because of Git and Godot disagreeing on a upper/lower case for my scene Larva.tscn, which messed up the export. It was less visible in the HTML as the game was simply running without the scenes that crashed!

So now it is resolved, the game is now playable here as it was on our machine.

Sorry, I struggled with installing python to test my HTML build, but now everything should be working fine!

Hello, I submitted my game as a .exe because I had some difficulties to export an HTML, is it okay that I add the HTML version once I get it to work?