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it's flashin purple before my eyes lol.  Tried pressing T to talk but it toggled some weird culling

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These measures aren't really going to help convince the people of Russia to rise up against anything.  What it will do is galvanize anyone on the fence who doesn't already hate their government against the western countries who participated in it, because as far as they're concerned, we're the people who directly made their lives miserable and their money worthless.

That being said, I noticed there's a lot of revolutionary LARPers online who ask rhetroically "why won't they just rise up?" as if they themselves would be able to do so effectively even if their own country were as oppressive.  Much easier to have a hot take or to destroy things haphazardly online than to create positive change and build things up from the ground.

imagine getting downvoted on an inclusive site for not supporting a divisive measure

Had fun with it.  A few places I was able to sit on the edge of a spike without dying.  It can be done by neutral walljumping quickly near a spike.  There's one place on the map it can be performed reliably, but I forget where.  Shortly before the gauntlet of spike rooms near a blind drop.

Thanks for playing!

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Hi!   First time posting in these here forums.  Many years ago, friends would sometimes ask me to go to GDC and meet up -- but even back then it was quite expensive!  These days, with money being even tighter, I think it would be just as well to meet new friends via the online community.  

To that end, I was very excited to see a nice lax game jam on for people who weren't attending GDC in my inbox, and it motivated me to start a project to see if I could get to MVP for their weekend deadline.   This was also an excuse to test the reigns of the newly released version 3.1 of the open source Godot Engine.  What an experience!  I learned so much in so little time.  Hoping to turn this prototype into something bigger, better, and more complete if it gets a good reception.

Please check it out and let me know what you think.

looking good!

check out quinpl / nail 'n' scale for msx and gb, respectively

finally decided to give this demo a quick whirl. My f310 gamepad doesn't seem to recognize the ABXY inputs in xinput mode (it is a 360 compatible controller); I also noticed the very strange issue of audio only coming out my rear speakers (I have a 4.1 quad setup). Dunno if these are libgdx-specific issues or if it's something you guys can fix!

Keep up the good work