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I have made a space game in Unity and am looking for some feedback. Do you think this could be a fun game? Is there anything I can Improve?  And what do you not like about the game? I hope to see some feedback regarding this project since it took me several weeks to complete.

Note: The game is not complete, I like to think of this as a moderately polished prototype. I make use of assets because I'm not good at 3d modeling and/or texturing said 3d models. And I have no idea how to make my own skybox with stars and such.

Astragenesis by Nobull (

I'm aware of some bugs such as the Cargo Ship AI doesn't seem to die no matter how much you shoot it. I believe this to be an issue with the equation I am using to deduct hull integrity of the AI's ship.

I have just released a prototype that I've been working on for a few days now. It's got quite a few bugs, but I'd like to hear anyone's opinions on it. You can run around, strafe left and right, and shoot at enemies. The player health system is bugged currently and you can't really take damage. Made using a Mixamo model and some animations. The enemies are red capsules...

Do you ever plan on adding support for older versions of Windows? I use Windows 8.1 and last time I tried Cave Engine it wouldn't work. The launcher would open, but I wasn't able to create a project. I'd love to try the engine though.

epic! lol I almost misspelled that.

damn I know what it's like to be depressed m8, I almost killed myself in high school because of some crap that went down.

I hope you are doing well m8! Keep on 'truckin''

I wish you luck making games cocotongo! Never give up, think like Moxie!

I love the art style of this series, how did you learn to make something so cute?!??!

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I like it, it's cute. I'm going to upload my play-through to YouTube. I'll definitely be playing the next ones in the series.

I'd love to play it, but I can't. Frame Rate is "below 30 fps". I don't have a graphics card m8. I think I could definitely play the game and enjoy it without it being at or above 30 fps. I think my frame rate is about 20 or more, but less than 30. Oh well...

I can't join the Discord because it is invalid.

No problemo!


Well made! Scary af.

Wow, I like the progress. My character died lol. Some creature near one of those swamp/pond looking places got me. Can't wait to see where you take the game. The only bug I've noticed so far is that the tool tips in that main screen don't always go away if you stop hovering over the buttons.

This game was made for the Summer Harvest Jam 2! In this simple 3D Platformer the goal is quite simple, get to the yellow cube without dying! More details on the game's page!


Preview Images:

I think it could use some more work. Only the first grey cube actually fired back. The game could use a health system and hud, and definetely some more polish. 

No worries, just spend a little time polishing the game after the jam. If you don't know how to do something ask around on forums or search up youtube videos. I recommend watching some Brackey's Tutorials which can help with a lot of specific features especially things like Health Bars, Menus, etc.

I like it, I think it has potential. The game could use some optimizing though. Pro Tip: In Unity set objects that don't move and don't have any dynamic scripts to Static with the static toggle in the inspector panel. Then go to the Occlusion Culling Panel ((Top Menu) Window -> Rendering -> Occlusion Culling). In this Occlusion Culling Window click the bake button. Once it finishes baking, you should see a sort wire frame-like group of cubes (if you're in the " Visualization" section). These represent the areas that will be culled when the Main Camera isn't looking in the direction of them. Basically when playing the game now, the only objects draw are going to be the ones that are in the view of the camera. You can see this in action if you click play in the Unity Editor, put the scene view side-by-side with the game view and you should notice parts of the level will hide when you look away from them while in the game view.

I think this game has potential, keep working on it and it may get some attention. Just polish it up a bit. Add a Main Menu and Pause Menu with some options/settings menus for people with low-end machines and you got yourself a decent game. I like the color-like splatoon/portal mechanic, very neat.

I enjoyed it, a bit of a learning curve, but the readme helped. I think this is really good for being done within a 24 hour time frame. A bit of polish, a dab of love and you have yourself a fun game that I think a lot of people will enjoy.

no problem m8!

Thank you! I can't wait for the feed back! :D

Great use of the phone's tilt sensors, the game could use some polish here and there, but overall I could see myself playing it for a couple of hours.

It's interesting, depending on the user input different things will happen, although I am unsure what the goal of the game is. I scanned it with MRT, and it cleared so I ran it. One thing that I recommend is to put an epilepsy warning just in case.

I enjoyed it, it has a slight learning curve, but it's actually quite fun. It could use some polish and some sounds, but that's about all it needs really.

Some serious time management skills, I learned a lot about scripting menus in Unity and to think for myself when developing new mechanics! :D

I like it, could use a bit of polish and a little more time for the player to react, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it. And it's quite addicting to be honest!

I like it, could use a bit of polish and a little more time for the player to react, but other than that I thoroughly enjoyed it. And it's quite addicting to be honest!

Great jam, I learned a few things as well.


Don’t know how to code, create art, or sounds? That’s totally fine as there’s lots of free art and audio assets available in all game engines.

So, I assume yes. Just make sure to credit the original authors of the assets..

A simple 2D, yet also 3D clicker game. Click the spaceship to increase your score, buy powerups (i.e. astronauts, robots, and factories), to get a higher score! How long can you last?

No problem mate, keep up the great work!

hmm might be too discouraging to new players. They'll probably pickup the game try to collect stuff and their anger might be kindled against it and just give up on trying. I like the idea, but maybe a little guidance for new players that way they are made aware of this  or something. I'm interested in seeing how this project develops keep up the great work!

Then how do you collect the minerals for the jobs/missions then? Do I need certain items? It's not very clear what needs to be done. I like the idea to make things feel different, but I wish it was more apparent what needs to be done to complete missions.