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I'm Eric,

Pretty new to making games, I've actually made plenty, somewhere around 20, but I always get sidetracked and move on. Just finished up the concept prototype for this jam and am really, (I mean really) pleased with myself. 

Since I can never have the focus to finish projects I do most things without a team, though looking to get better. 

I'll be using Unity, I also have Photoshop, Substance Designer, Blender, and a few other odds and ends I use as tools to get started.

I'll be making a simulation where you perform a mundane task with complicated controls, take for instance a flight simulator, where you have an insane amount of controls at your disposal, instead of the traditional "game" input that waters down the task for you. Just an example though, my actual project contains neither plane, nor pilot. I just don't want to give away the project.

Now that most everything is done, I'm gonna debug a little, pretty up the graphics, sounds, UI, and then hopefully have it all polished by the end. This being my *second* game jam, I really want to shoot for above my last score of (32nd place). I'f I'm lucky less than 32 people will join the jam, inherently making me achieve my goal incidentally.

Nice to meet everyone who participates.

Is the idea to create running simulations of something autonomous, or is player input allowed.
So like, Farming Simulator or something, is that allowed or is it more The Game of Life (cellular automata)?

Just keep learning! Keep doing the gameJams!

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It was neat. However I could only play once, if I go Main Menu and start again nothing happens. At least I don't think so. Also one player, as soon as I start I get smashed into immediately and thus, can't really play because it's instant lose. Did you happen to put your physics in the "Update" function instead of "FixedUpdate"? That might mean they are being applied at my frame rate (which would be high) and thus is generating a lot of force in the rigidbody.

I found the controls hard to master but then using the ramps was able to figure it out. It was neat. I wish there were a checkpoint system.

I thought the eggs were... uh... fertilizer. Yaknow. Fertilizer. I did defend the fruit and win. Nice game and super creative. Give kudos to the music guy. Well done as well. Seriously. The game was super creative. 

lol, I appreciate the feedback. +1 for human music.
...but of course a Jerry WOULDN"T understand the complexities of this game.

lol, kidding. I plan to increase the difficulty ramps after the competition.

I try to play and rate every game. If nothing else it gives me a chance to see how others do things, how I might do things, and ideas for future games. :) Math isn't my strong suit so I struggled for a moment. I usually make the computer do math for me! 

Great potential. A little buggy but with polish could be a seller. Keep up the work my dude.

This game was really cool! The colors at time were disorienting. Maybe a couple softer palettes would have been nice but overall I beat it, it wasn't too challenging but challenging enough! Also the part with false/one way walls was kinda weird to figure out, but I got it. Cool game.

Agree on the HTML version, it would have been more accessible on a browser. After playing the first level insanely strategic, the next level I realized I could click as fast as I could and spawn enough boxes before physics would roll them off the screen, thus beat the game by clicking really fast. A delay in being able to drop boxes should help. Agree that the sounds were a little much, but I thought this was one of the more original games. Nice job.

This game felt the most complete, fully fleshed, with a level editor.  It was highly polished and I enjoyed it a lot. Even the littlest of detail like when the paddle slams into the left/right wall there is a little tuft of smoke, not just when the ball hits, but unusual circumstance, show that there was a lot of thought put on the little things.

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It totally does! lol, because it was blue. If it were white it would have made me think else. I did try to press the entire keyboard and somehow missed it. Good feedback, lemme see if I can try it again now.
So further feedback, you die instantly if you press a color changing button while on the wrong color. So when spamming the keyboard I missed it because I died immediately.  So while "exploring" I ended up dying and that plus the initial confusing was difficult.

If I may suggest that the stage 3, where color changing is introduced you instead start on a white platform, it may make it easier to notice that K changes your color (without instant death). As I understand platform games with high restart probability SHOULD have quick death animations to keep things moving, so I understand that part

 Another thing I've read is rules of three where introducing new mechanics should come in packs of three since we subconsciously agree with that number. (I.E. white platform, blue, white, red, white yellow, in one stage when being introduced helps people "get it...  from what I read, and from then on it's easier to the player because they had three shots of practice).

I tried thinking on how I would do the instructions (blue "k") without making it confusing, but I honestly couldn't think of anything. Turning them white would be silly. (thinking about it). If you could make them on a background (like a sign) or something that might make them stand out as instructions and not collectibles that might help. Maybe I'm the only one who misunderstood. Idunno! Just feedback my dude.

One of my favorites, well polished gameplay. Difficulty ramped up... at first I thought too slow and then WHAM, hit me in the face. Lol, I actually caught myself missing shots in frantic flurries of recovery. Well done. 

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I like the "thin" type graphics and have been meaning to dabble in it myself. Really cool and soft feel.
*Edit* I forgot some helpful feedback, when I was moving it was hard to tell at first, because the background was static. A little midground parallax  might help that. Like some smaller dunes in between the fore and background that can help gauge movement (since at times there are no cactus on screen).

Easily my favorite, because... it's essentially what I wanted to go for, and... ultimately failed to do. Haha. Still I enjoyed it alot and if you ever wanted a hand in a project I'd be happy to assist!

It looks cool but wouldn't run on my laptop. :<

I couldn't get it to run, I'm sorry my dude.

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*EDIT* after a little clarification on things I was able to play it a little more. Felt good! Some of the jumps are pretty tough, namely... stage 7 I think I had a rough spot on.

It made me laugh even though I think it's still unfinished. :)

It was fun, even though sometimes I got lost.

For sure, I'm gonna be tinkering with it for a while. Thanks.

honestly the hardest thing for me is to code right the first time. Too many times I go back and redo something because I get annoyed. My enemy ai went through 3 revisions and in the end didn't even really get showcased since I couldn't implement in time.

Lol my sister got 380 without even moving. If I had more time for play testing I could have gotten more out of it. It was a good learning experience.

Yeah I had added hundreds of variables throughout the game tweaking speed, DPS, and other things and in the end I just didn't get enough in the final cut and it was pretty muted. I'm not letting that bother me. I completed my goal (which was to at least finish). I still have three coded enemies to toss in. I think I'll keep the project around for a part II jam or something.

Thanks for the input.

I think you can keep working on this game and sell it. It felt great to play.

It was pretty expressive given the constraints. I think by far the most story.

Easily the most polished game I've seen so far. Good stuff.

I thought this was very unique. My girlfriend laughed at me dying over and over. :/

Yeah I know. There's actually three different enemies and they had different flight patterns and characteristics, but I just overslept too often and couldn't get them in the final cut. The code was there but I really struggled with making a proper difficulty ramp. Lessons learned I guess.


I really enjoyed this. Very puzzly and fun.  It was a little confusing but I got through just fine.

It took a couple tries but I got a winning screen. Neat idea!

I did catch it was speeding up but it seemed to go slower than I'd like, but I'm impatient and I think after hundreds of hours of Tetris, I'm just itching to move. Lol. I did enjoy it though. The most enjoyable I played so far.

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I enjoyed playing this game for as long as I did. One thing I/d change would be some sort of difficulty ramp to make it a little bit more noticeably difficult as time goes on. Visually I liked it a lot. Creativity wise, it's been done before but it was still pretty well polished.

I really like the aesthetic, the sound was nice and fairly balanced. Gameplay was nice, and the mechanics of it all were refreshing. I couldn't quite figure out how the balls would bounce.  One slight issue was there was a bug that would occasionally cause a hit on a white ball, and it wasn't about to change or anything, it would just randomly hit. Overall  I enjoyed it.

Dude, same. I made it with 7 minutes to spare.