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Thank you Mistan, you've provided excellent feedback for our next update. I've provided some responses to a few of your comments below, most seem very reasonable. Do you have a game you would like me to review in return?

  1. "The hook shot is weird. If i want to hook a cog i go to the cog while i still drag it towards me?? "
    1. The idea behind hooking the gears is, the character travels most of the way to the gold gear, the wood gear travels most of the way toward the character, and the silver gear and the character both travel equidistantly and meet in the middle. It does seem like most people don't intuit this part of the game and is certainly something we need to work on.
  2. "The push mechanic is really SLOW it doesen't feel right"
    1. The push mechanic operates in the same manner as hooking the gears, the heavier the gear the slower you push it. It seems most people push gears instead of grabbing them, so I will likely speed up pushing in order to keep the game pace up.

I do think the idea of something being on sale for free motivated people to download it. Also I'm sure the fact that is was posted to a few external list sites had a significant impact. Especially considering we have done no other kind of advertising for it.

What got my game a bunch of views and downloads was having it up for 1$. Then I put it on sale for free when a sale came around, it got posted by some other people to a few "free games" pages. I'm not sure if anyone actually played but the downloads certainly went up.

My game Clockwork has been posted previously as a final release. However, we're now planning to go back and do a big update. I would like some external opinions, what do you think it could use to bring it to the next level?

Currently, I only have the Windows version available since that's the only system I could test the final executable on. If you want a Linux or Mac version just let me know and I'll re-enable them. 

Additionally, if you're inclined, post your game with your comments I will play it and let you know what I think, keep in mind I'm running Windows.

I have tagged this post under "Programming" however I'm looking for criticism of all aspects of the game.

Game link:

Thanks! I struggled resolving that issue for days, obviously I could not solve it. 

Hey Everyone,

I've posted my first fully developed game here to called Clockwork 

It would be great to get feedback,  the demo is free and it will give you the feel and an understanding of the mechanics.

For the full game I've set the price to 1$. If you like physics-y puzzle games I believe you'll enjoy the full game and certainly be challenged.

Please check it out and leave a comment.

Image below is an action shot of the most updated version.

GIF shows a short clip of game play with outdated graphics.

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Thanks for the feedback! We plan to complete what you've both suggested for the next release.

Whew, this game is certainly feels like a Solipsism hellscape and it seems that's what you were going for. GJ

Great game! My one criticism would be the control scheme on keyboard. If you can get this on a phone with a good control scheme, I would play it/buy it.

I was considering attempting to build my game for HTML5 to make it easier to rate. Can I upload an HTML5 version late?

I liked the puzzle once I figured out the rules. And it had a pleasing look.