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If you are running Vive on AMD Vega 64 graphics could you please confirm this prototype runs OK. Thanks!

Nice control! i managed to capture ball against wall which was way cool.

Chrome only, array.flat ftw!

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I suspect Virus mouse controls would need extensive study and not something to be attempted lightly,

Do you own a PS or Xbox controller? Step 1 for me would be to imagine analog shoulder control would allow you fine thrust control (you could more easily learn required thrust for hover etc.), an optional linear to exponential conversion may also be warranted.

Until thrust perfected I would keep  steering digital muxing both sticks (with smallish dead zone) and the dpad avoiding user configuration requirement.

lovely design, I played a lot of virus so missing the analog controls big time

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I think it would be helpful if a section in the developer docs covered hosting of games on with OAuth requirement.

Unlike github API the API has added 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin' constraint so it is not obvious or questionably possible to use the API from an embedded web game.

p.s. dev sandbox is here

Hi Adam, I think you will need to reproduce the issue I was having with XBox 360 controller and Windows version in order to fix it. When you try and customize the joystick settings the user interface feels very broken as if you are using some kind of busy loop to wait for next input.

Cool game! 

I gave up trying to configure xbox controller on windows version to use DPad and A button so that was a bit frustrating.

<edit> OK managed to configure joystick second time but there is something buggy with the way you program the controls. 

Also the main menu timeout could reset on input so help screen does not appear when player is using main menu.

Cool game! 

Awesome stuff Mark!

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Hi - first up the feedback - is awesome!

I think embed system for downloads is great!

It would be super nice to embed community topics and product pages also.

Registration at is currently closed until further notice.

For free support please please post your questions here.

One line of code is equal to a thousand mouse clicks.