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The bats rock! As do the color changing goo monsters.

Basement community · Created a new topic Back in 2018...

"Unzip the file and start the executable for your OS. It's that simple!"

Please consider using plain zip in future so this statement is true.

Congratulations, you have gone from newbie to beginner in world of Blitz3D development. Most of your issues have been "Par for the course" for Windows developers for 27 years now.

I did modify graphics command to plain 1920,1080 and found simple close window on desktop windows icons after 3 fisted salute worked ok. but doing so found issue with RuntimeError command so will get back to you.

Not zarch but 4 a good compatibility test, this is another Stevie G game in similar style that may scratch your itch.

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Compiling with the latest version of Blitz3D and Virus does not have the  black ground issue,

Have just been playing in HD with GridSize 2 , very nice game.

This is the official Blitz3D page here:

I like how the down key is reverse and scrolls this page :)

Fantastic release Adam.

The new scanner looks ace. Good stuff Mark Sibly!

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note to self:

blitz array .c  qsort_s already used so rename qsort_short in this file 

maxgui mshtmlhst.h comment out these 2 lines

// simon was here void * __RPC_USER MIDL_user_allocate(size_t);

// void __RPC_USER MIDL_user_free( void * ); 

mingw32 gcc 8.1

Hi Xetwnk, apologies for delay but I am very interested in your project. 

Blitz3D does use a few features in the "fixed function pipeline" design of DirectX7 that were never implemented / emulated / supported by more modern graphics cards. I would be more than keen to analyse the games in question to see if any modifications are possible to improve compatibility with more modern graphics pipelines. 

If you are running Vive on AMD Vega 64 graphics could you please confirm this prototype runs OK. Thanks!

Chrome only, array.flat ftw!

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I think it would be helpful if a section in the developer docs covered hosting of games on with OAuth requirement.

Unlike github API the API has added 'X-Frame-Options' to 'sameorigin' constraint so it is not obvious or questionably possible to use the API from an embedded web game.

p.s. dev sandbox is here

Hi Adam, I think you will need to reproduce the issue I was having with XBox 360 controller and Windows version in order to fix it. When you try and customize the joystick settings the user interface feels very broken as if you are using some kind of busy loop to wait for next input.

Cool game! 

I gave up trying to configure xbox controller on windows version to use DPad and A button so that was a bit frustrating.

<edit> OK managed to configure joystick second time but there is something buggy with the way you program the controls. 

Also the main menu timeout could reset on input so help screen does not appear when player is using main menu.

Cool game! 

Awesome stuff Mark!

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Hi - first up the feedback - is awesome!

I think embed system for downloads is great!

It would be super nice to embed community topics and product pages also.

Registration at is currently closed until further notice.

For free support please please post your questions here.

One line of code is equal to a thousand mouse clicks.