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Indeed, very late in development we had concerns about people not being able to get to the ending (which required solving every single characters problem), so we made it much easier to accomplish. The lack of walk animations was also a bug we put off slightly too long, as walk animations are in fact in the game, and had we another hour they'd be turning on properly when you move.

Regardless, we hope you had a good time and enjoyed our game!

You nailed it again! Took me quite a few tries to actually get to Mokou, but your checkpointing is generous. Mokou was also a bit rough (no innuendo intended), Jealously sign took me longer to figure out than it should have.

Your crayon drawings are fantastic, and your writing is adorable!

I loved it! Got stuck on one of the puzzles and had to skip, but the story cut-ins were super cute and quite frankly exactly what happened in the lore, romance and all.

The spelling errors were, unfortunately, the result of the game jam timing, that end screen only went in minutes before submission and we didn't notice before the deadline had past. We're intending on doing an update at some point coming up, so hopeful that you'll come back!

Hint: Walk around with the grey object by the front door.

That particular puzzle is one of the biggest sore points we'd want to revise and make visually clearer what you're supposed to do, at the moment it relies pretty-much solely on audio to be solvable.

The camera being so jerky is entirely my fault, I ended up having the camera zones move the camera instead of having the zones adjust the target camera, which rather than fixing I ended up making the camera unreasonably snappy instead. 

The camera is one of the first things to fix post jam, that and moewing.

I've added a Win32 build, hopefully you can enjoy the game with that!

How weird, it looks like none of the textures loaded properly (Which is quite bizarre, as everything else loaded fine). 

If you're experiencing this in the downloadable version, you can access your player logs by navigating to %userprofile%\AppData\LocalLow\\Impurrishable Night\output_log.txt (You can put this into the 'Run' window, via CMD-R) then linking/forwarding the file back to us, that'd let me determine if any errors occurred. Also Re-extract the .zip and make sure you don't run the application through the zip, as that may have unexpected results.

If this issue is showing up in the web version, ensure you're using a recent browser (Preferably Firefox or Chrome), though a few folks have reported general issues with the Unity player only to have them resolved by playing the windows download. 

Lastly, it looks like while it's a frustrating graphical issue the game should still be fully playable for you, I hope that even if we can't resolve it you can still enjoy our game!

Exactly the right length to enjoy the mechanics without it becoming stale and a nice complete experience.

Hey, we added a Windows build for download now after a few other people reported some issues, hopefully that works and you can enjoy it!

Real though, ultimately I was only able to get to the without shooting, the visibility loss on beating enemies is pretty extreme and makes progression tricky? The enemies are actually not the problem so much as having to make some pretty tight jumps or briefly braving the liquid damage. 

Music was nice and kept up the tension for a frustrating but rewarding experience, good job!